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    12 Instagram Accounts To Check Out On Transgender Day Of Visibility

    March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility, to celebrate that - check out these 12 Instagram accounts!


    The trans community is vast and varied, and largely underrepresented. Most of the articles and stories seen in mainstream media focus on the plight or strife of the community, which should not be ignored. However International Transgender Day of Visibility, held annually on March 31st, aims to celebrate the trans community because visibility matters.

    To help highlight some of the many trans people living their lives and generally being awesome, I dug through Instagram to find these 12 accounts that are worth a look.

    (all accounts featured have been contacted and consented to being featured here)

    1. @dawnmariee

    2. @attebery

    3. @transfitnessathlete

    4. @king_maneesh

    5. @2girlsonevan

    6. @robot_indisguise

    7. @reigningryan

    8. @lexx_vazquez

    9. @chelseavonchastity

    10. @pushupsandpoetry

    11. @transgirlfitness

    12. @claraaviitoriaa


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