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    25 Must-Haves For Those Weekend Getaways That You’ll Be Grateful For

    Essentials only, please 😇

    1. A duffle bag just like this one is a practical way to ensure you only pack exactly what you need to take. It even has a wet pocket to store any washing or swimsuits!

    2. Or if you prefer to pack lighter, this shoulder bag is a good and comfortable option.

    3. This magnetic car phone mount is ideal if your weekend away involves a road trip.

    4. And I predict you'll love this expandable cup holder if your water bottle doesn't usually fit into your car.

    5. These seat hooks will give you more storage space for any bags or coats.

    6. Check out this portable power bank so your phone can stay charged wherever you are.

    7. Speaking of phones, this card holder can be stuck to the back of your device so you can easily access your cards.

    8. These reusable silicone ear plugs will ensure you have a good night's sleep even if you're only away for a few days.

    9. WIFI-connection isn't always guaranteed, especially if you're vacationing in the middle of nowhere. So, check out this pocket-sized hotspot that'll keep you connected.

    10. Check out this silicone mat that can store your hot hair tools when you travel. You can also place your tools on it after use to allow them to cool.

    11. If you're worried about your clothes getting creased during the journey, this handheld steamer may be the solution.

    12. Add these portable folding hangers to your basket, just in case where you're staying doesn't provide any.

    13. This nifty travel wash bag has multiple compartments and can be hung on the back of a door for storage.

    14. You might want to consider packing this stain remover pen for any minor spill-related emergencies.

    15. And this travel wash is also useful in case you need to quickly wash something in the sink.

    16. If you tend to pack more clothes than you need, these mesh laundry bags are a great way of separating your clean and dirty clothes.

    17. Pack this makeup eraser cloth instead of your regular wipes to save space.

    18. Keep all of your jewellery safe and organised in this travel storage holder.

    19. I love these Bluetooth earphones for any trips away. They run for 25 hours after a full charge.

    20. If you'd rather read a book, I recommend the highly-rated Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo for a riveting tale.

    21. Take this mini first aid kit with you for any of those "just in case" moments.

    22. And this outdoor picnic blanket is pocket-sized once folded up.

    23. If your weekend getaway is in the UK, prepare for the ever-changing weather with this waterproof poncho.

    24. Add this handy dog water bottle to your basket if you're travelling with your furry friend!

    25. This shoulder bag is ideal if you're walking around exploring and need to take some essentials on the go.