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    26 Useful Products To Keep In Your Car If A Road Trip Is Calling Your Name

    Here's your checklist so you can avoid a tire-ing journey.

    1. Before you set off, try this water-repelling treatment on your windshield to make driving in the rain that bit more bearable!

    2. This dehumidifier draws all the excess moisture out of your vehicle, which helps to decrease condensation and improve the air quality in your car.

    3. When you're travelling for a while the last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable, so these pads slide over your seatbelt to stop it from digging in during the drive.

    4. These gap fillers will stop you from losing coins, earphones, or even keys down the sides of your seats.

    5. Use this magnetic phone mount that attaches to your vents so you have easy access to your maps or even your road trip playlist!

    6. These hooks attach to your car seat and can be used to hang bags or even jackets.

    7. Cover the back of your seats with this car organiser to store all of your bits and bobs in your boot without them causing a mess.

    8. Or you can use this compartment box that can just sit in your boot and store any excess luggage. It's got nifty handles too!

    9. If you'd prefer something that's easily accessible throughout the journey, this storage bag sits on the side of your seat and is great for housing your purse, hand sanitiser, or anything else you might need to grab.

    10. Keeping kids entertained throughout a long trip can be tricky, but you can attach this holder to the back of the front seat and store any books, toys, or even use it to hold a tablet so they can watch films.

    11. For younger kids, this travel companion is a must-have to keep them busy. It's a small wheel toy that they can play with that just clips onto the seat.

    12. This tissue holder can be attached to the visor so you don't have to search for any tissues in a packed car.

    13. Snacks on a road trip are easily the best part, so this car bin will make sure you can store all of your rubbish and empty wrappers.

    14. Speaking of snacks, keep everything refrigerated with this cool bag that can also be used for picnics once you arrive at your destination!

    15. You've probably seen these sauce holders all over your TikTok FYP, but just look at how handy they are!

    16. This car desk is pretty nifty as it can clip onto your steering wheel and be used as a food tray, or a laptop tray (when you aren't driving of course!).

    17. One thing I hate about road trips is how uncomfortable sitting there for hours can get, but this ergonomic pillow will save the day and give your neck more support.

    18. It's always good to travel with a fleece blanket to keep you cosy in the car, but also outside of the car if it breaks down.

    19. And in case of a breakdown, this reflective triangle is useful to have in your boot ready to put behind your car to warn oncoming traffic.

    20. For any minor emergencies, this mini first aid kit will come in handy.

    21. These travel soap sheets are ideal for washing your hands on the go, all you need is a bottle of water and you're good to go!

    22. If your dog is your road trip buddy this waterproof covering will save your back seats from getting muddy or wet.

    23. Or you can keep them secure in this pet carrier seat that has a seatbelt to attach to their harness.

    24. And this travel pet water bottle is the ideal size to take on trips and has a lock button so it doesn't leak!

    25. Keep any cords from your phone or GPS organised with these cable tidies that have an adhesive backing.

    26. Plug this car charger adapter into your cigarette lighter which has two USB ports for you to be able to charge your devices on the move.