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    30 Treat Yourself Products That Also Serve A Purpose

    Practical and boring don't have to be synonymous.

    1. If you've been wanting to try an Inkey List product for a while, now's your chance to nab this caffeine eye cream. It helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles – have I caught your attention yet?

    2. This shampoo brush will work the product into your scalp, getting rid of any build-up. All while giving you a relaxing massage at the same time!

    3. If, like me, you're a fan of watermelon, this windmill cutter is sure to pique your interest.

    4. Okay, all bakers need to gather round as these measuring spoons are ~whaley~ cute.

    5. Or, how about these cherry measuring spoons that even come with an egg separator?

    6. You might have seen this cleaning slime on your FYP – and yes, it's as fun as it is practical. It's ideal for getting dust or crumbs off your keyboard or car vents.

    7. Check out this socket shelf that will hold your phone while it charges instead of it going on the floor.

    8. This moustached gentleman will be happy to assist you by holding your razor.

    9. Keep your hair out of your face when you're doing your makeup or skincare using this adjustable wrap headband.

    10. I adore this cactus wine stopper – and it comes with matching drink charms too!

    11. These stackable ice lolly moulds will take up less space in your freezer, and the lids will help avoid any spills.

    12. For all my fellow book lovers, these corner heart bookmarks are a must-have gift from you, to you.

    13. Make cleaning that bit more bearable with this novelty llama duster.

    14. You definitely deserve these massage roller balls that help to increase blood circulation, and release tension.

    15. Give yourself an extra wake-up call with these invigorating shower steamers.

    16. These satin pillowcases will offer you the luxury treatment, as they wont snag or damage your hair while you sleep.

    17. If you're always forgetting about your mug of tea, this electric mug warmer will keep it from going cold.

    18. You deserve this soap saver that will stop soap bars from getting mushy as they dry.

    19. These silicone brushes are ideal for applying face masks, and as they don't have bristles they're super easy to clean!

    20. I can only apologise that I've waiting until now to show you this magic mushroom funnel.

    21. Don't worry, even if your houseplants are looking a little neglected these plant food spikes will give them all the nutrients they need.

    22. And you might as well add these self-watering globes to your basket too.

    23. If you haven't had a chance to hang your washing out, these cactus dryer balls will cut down the time it takes for your clothes to dry.

    24. I don't think I knew the true meaning of happiness until I laid eyes on this bear toothbrush holder – I mean just look at it.

    25. These magnetic cloud key holders will keep your keys in one place, and they're a cute bit of decor too.

    26. Add this cute nail brush to your basket. Go on, you know you want to.

    27. Check out this rechargeable handheld fan so you can keep your cool on the go.

    28. De-puff your skin with this Glow Cube ice roller. Pro-tip: add cucumber water and freeze for a refreshing result.

    29. This koala hot water bottle pouch can be wrapped around your body, to make any cramps that bit more bearable.

    30. Although this witch spoon rest may seem magical, it's actually just really smart.