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    25 Amazon Finds To Awaken Your Bedroom From Its Winter Hibernation

    If you've been craving a refresh, then come on in!

    1. This large rope storage basket is ideal for housing blankets or to be used as a laundry hamper.

    2. Give your plants a style refresh with this seagrass woven basket that will cover any boring plant pots.

    3. Check out this adorable turtle succulents planter that would make the perfect desk buddy.

    4. Switch up those winter scents with this Pink Sands-scented Yankee Candle. It has a refreshing blend of citrus, sweet florals, and vanilla.

    5. Keep any bits and bobs in this pressed flowers storage jar.

    6. And you can also get this matching jewellery box for all of your spring jewels!

    7. Now that our days are longer, this crystal suncatcher will cast rainbows across your room.

    8. This frameless mirror is ideal for that clean and minimal spring aesthetic.

    9. Or how about livening up any plain white walls with this hanging macrame mirror?

    10. I'm almost certain that this plush bee rug is enough bring a smile to anyone's face, TBH.

    11. Change up your bedding with this botanical duvet cover set. It even has a zipper to open and close making it super easy to take on and off.

    12. If you've been scrolling on TikTok you've probably seen this over-the-bed canopy trend, just like this one that has glow in the dark stars.

    13. Speaking of TikTok, disco balls are making a comeback so why not splurge a lil' on this hanging planter?

    14. Create the perfect spring backdrop with this boho-chic floral wall tapestry.

    15. If you're more of a plant-guru, check out these eucalyptus wall decals that can be easily removed without leaving any residue behind.

    16. Your room can still look cosy in spring thanks to these battery-operated sunflower fairy lights.

    17. Replace those fluffy rugs with this woven tassel rug that'll even fit in small spaces.

    18. Add a pop of colour to your room with these corduroy cushion covers!

    19. Use this leaf trinket dish to house any rings or smaller items.

    20. Display any flower buds in this set of three green vases.

    21. Or check out this rather cheeky ceramic vase for any colourful bouquets.

    22. Add some extra sunshine to your room with this Sass and Belle planter that has a colourful sunflower print.

    23. Now that all your plants are situated, give them a quick refresh with this very on-theme mister!

    24. I love these style of prints, and this vintage mushroom one is my favourite.

    25. Okay, this retro-style radio bluetooth speaker is the perfect spring addition for your bedside table!