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    If Your Cupboard And Counter Space Is Seriously Lacking, Check Out These 24 Useful Products

    Clutter? We don't know her.

    1. Check out this roll-up dish rack that can also double up as a fruit and veg drainer, as well as a trivet for hot pots and pans.

    2. Herbs and spices can be quite bulky, so invest in this under-the-shelf organiser that will save on cupboard space.

    3. And you can store any bags or rice or other ingredients in this under-the-shelf drawer.

    4. Decorate your living space without cluttering surfaces thanks to this hanging rope planter.

    5. You may have enough cupboard space to stack your pots and pans, but what about the lids? These adhesive holders will securely keep them in place without adding extra bulk.

    6. Instead of a regular fruit basket that takes up space, check out this hanging hammock that you can attach to shelves or a wall.

    7. This nifty shelf is designed to fit above your socket so you have somewhere to charge your phone.

    8. Re-organise your cutlery drawer thanks to this tiered compartment that will keep your utensils on one side.

    9. And these measuring spoons are all magnetic so they can be stacked together neatly.

    10. Increase your storage options thanks to this tiered cart that can fit into narrow spaces.

    11. These tiered shelves are designed to fit in the corner of your cupboard so that you can neatly stack plates and bowls.

    12. Store your washing-up liquid and sponges in this over-the-door basket.

    13. This kitchen roll holder can be secured underneath your cupboards so it won't take up any space.

    14. Check out these airtight food containers that slide under your shelf if you have limited storage.

    15. Joseph Joseph's potato masher can be folded flat to fit perfectly in your cutlery drawer.

    16. And their nesting utensil set is perfectly compact for even the smallest of spaces.

    17. Place your coffee machine or kettle on this sliding mat so you can push it back out of the way when not in use.

    18. Okay, but how genius is this magnetic strip that allows you to hang your knives on the wall?

    19. Instead of having multiple boxes for your tea taking up space, check out this storage compartment that can fit up to 100 tea bags.

    20. Mount your Echo Dot to your wall thanks to this adhesive holder. It will also keep the cable tucked away.

    21. Store your cling film and tin foil in this under-the-shelf organiser.

    22. If you have more mugs than storage, you might appreciate this rack that can fit up to ten mugs.

    23. Add this floating shelf to your basket so you can display your favourite books without trying to find room for a bookcase.

    24. Attach this felt caddy to the side of your bed or sofa so you can store any belongings such as your television remote or tablet.