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    Just 27 Little Amazon Finds To Spook-Ify Your Home And Wardrobe

    These will lift your *spirits* 👻

    1. These purple fairy lights may just end up on every wall in my home.

    2. Or how about this eerie LED spider web? It even includes a plush spider to trick your guests!

    3. Would it truly be spooky season without owning these cobweb tights?

    4. This crossbody pumpkin bag may just be the most spooktacular thing I've ever seen.

    5. Or how about investing in this black bat handbag?

    6. BOO! Sorry, I just needed to show you this adorable ghost bag too.

    7. Yankee Candle's pumpkin scent will fill your home with the Halloween spirit.

    8. And I predict you'll love these pumpkin and ghost tea lights.

    9. How cool do these flameless dripping wax candles look?

    10. Yes, I will be wearing these pumpkin earrings right up until Christmas.

    11. Or you can always mix and match your accessories with these earrings.

    12. If you're going to a Halloween dinner party then you might want to consider this velvet celestial-print dress.

    13. Or perhaps this flared style dress is more you!

    14. Even your windows can look the part with these reusable stickers.

    15. Calling all Hocus Pocus fans: this tote bag is practical and perfect for the festivities.

    16. You can use this pumpkin mug to enjoy a warming brew or a tasty soup.

    17. This pumpkin plush will have your guests asking if it's *really* from Amazon.

    18. Surprise any trick or treaters with these outdoor fairy lights that also plays some spooky tunes.

    19. BRB, just going to add this moon and star body chain to my basket.

    20. I think you'll love this skeleton ring holder, I can feel it in my bones.

    21. This spider web decoration comes with lots of little plastic spiders for extra scare points.

    22. I don't know about you, but I'd wear this adorable ghost jumper for many Halloween's to come.

    23. And this pumpkin latte jumper is just boo-tiful.

    24. Check out this cosy reversible bedding set that's perfect for the season.

    25. And to help you sleep better, check out this celestial themed eye mask.

    26. If you're hosting a party, then how about these fun decorations? It includes a banner, pumpkin and spider garlands, black and orange balloons, photo booth props, and a giant bat balloon.

    27. Finally, I adore this light-up pumpkin tree!