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    Readers Are Loving These 22 Affordable Amazon Finds This Week

    You guys know a useful product when you see one!

    1. These cooling strips offer non-medicinal pain relief for migraines.

    2. Achieve that sleek bun look with this hair finishing stick that will smooth down any flyaways!

    3. This anti-chafing gel will stop any irritation from occurring if you find that your skin rubs together in the heat. It only needs to be reapplied if you've been in water!

    4. Éclat's acne cream works to treat and prevent breakouts, keeping your skin clear and more balanced.

    5. Give yourself a manicure at home with Sally Hansen's cuticle remover. It will dissolve the dead skin in just 15 seconds!

    6. If you're still finding that it's too warm to sleep, this cooling gel pillow insert will offer some relief!

    7. This ice cube tray has narrow moulds which are ideal for water bottles.

    8. Clean your refrigerator drain with this flexible brush, so that water stops pooling around the bottom of your appliance.

    9. Never accidentally take your neighbours bin again, with these personalised wheelie bin stickers.

    10. Prevent any blockages from food or grease with these drain sticks.

    11. Check out this cleaning gel that will reach every nook and cranny. It's ideal for getting any dust and debris out of your car vents.

    12. This microfibre mat will stop water from pooling around your tap at the back of your sink.

    13. If you're tired of your bra straps slipping, these elastic straps will hold them in place.

    14. This over-the-door holder is ideal for hanging your tea towel.

    15. Get rid of all the stubborn pet hair on your carpet and upholstery with these lint rollers.

    16. Bid farewell to stains on your clothing with this Vanish soap bar.

    17. Add this plate hanger to your basket if you have a sentimental plate you want to display.

    18. Cool your drinks with these reusable ice cubes that will stop you from having to go back and forth from the tap to the freezer!

    19. Drain tins of food with ease using this mini colander.

    20. This highly-rated bathroom cleaner will get everything looking as good as new!

    21. Decongest your skin and prevent blemishes with this salicylic acid soap bar.

    22. Remove any lurking limescale deposits in your kettle with this nifty drop-in descaler.