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    25 Products That Will Give Your Embarrassing Problems A Spring Clean

    Don't worry, we won't judge you.

    1. If you find that the gaps near your windows have a buildup of dust, this handy brush will get into all those nooks and crannies for you.

    2. Both pet and human hair can cause blockages in your vacuum if it isn't cleaned out regularly, however this nifty tool will detangle any hair inside the appliance so it'll run more efficiently.

    3. Speaking of pet hair, this comb will pick up any of those stubborn hairs in your carpet, sofa cushions, or car interiors.

    4. Clean up any stained nails from discolouration with this corrector that'll neutralise any yellow tones.

    5. And dissolve your dry cuticles with Sally Hansen's remover that gets to work in just 15 seconds!

    6. If your toilet has those yucky hard water stains this pumice stone will get that porcelain bowl sparkling once again.

    7. And for any hard-to-budge tea and coffee stains in your mugs, this powder remover is a genius problem solver.

    8. This wood cleaner will remove the buildup of grease, grime, dirt, and wax from your wooden surfaces to restore them back to their original state.

    9. You can even liven up the look of dull wood with this Danish oil polish. Just wipe it onto the wood and due to its quick-drying formula you won't have to wait long to see the results.

    10. Freshen up your bin with this citrus-scented powder. It'll absorb moisture from your rubbish and soak up any bin juice (yuck) and odour.

    11. Bid farewell to any mould and mildew with this remover spray. Just spray, leave for three minutes before wiping, and it's gone!

    12. Add water and vinegar to this fun gadget, run your microwave, and the steam will make it easy for you to wipe away any gunk and grime in your appliance.

    13. If you have hard skin or cracked heels, this foot file can be used on wet or dry skin to give you that silky smooth feel.

    14. This mattress spray has over 1,000 five-star reviews due to its ability to get rid of even the most stubborn of stains.

    15. Dr. Beckmann's survival kit has a stain remover suitable for everything, including ink marks, red wine stains, or even fat and oil residue.

    16. Remove stubborn limescale deposits with this descaler sachet, so you can enjoy a grime-free cuppa.

    17. This Oven Pride kit will transform your entire oven including the racks. The liquid will loosen all of the grease and grime ready for you to wipe away without having to scrub.

    18. Use this Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder that will restore all of your pots and pans that you thought were long gone.

    19. If you find that whenever you shower the water forms a puddle around your feet, it's most likely that the drain is clogged with hair. But thanks to this TubShroom all of the little hairs will get collected before they get stuck in your drain!

    20. Get rid of any marks on your clothing before you do your laundry with this stain-removing bar that works without using any bleach.

    21. You can prevent your white clothing from going yellow or grey with age thanks to Dr. Beckmann's in-wash sachets.

    22. If you find yourself kicking crumbs or objects under your fridge when you're 'cleaning', this flat duster will reach right under the appliance and pick up all of the dust and dirt hidden under there.

    23. This extendable feather duster can work at an angle, meaning the tops of your cabinets, wardrobes, light fittings, and even your ceiling can be free from dust and cobwebs!

    24. Get rid of those pesky crayon marks from your walls with these magic erasers that just need a tiny bit of water to work.

    25. This anti-limescale ball is designed to sit in your washing machine or dishwasher to reduce any buildup and prevent future limescale problems. The best part? It's reusable and will last up to five years!