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    19 Products To Help Solve All Of Your Summer Fashion Problems

    I refuse to let chafing or sweating ruin my summer wardrobe, thank you.

    1. If you find that your skin chafes when wearing skirts or dresses, these moisture-wicking shorts are ideal for wearing underneath and protecting the skin.

    2. Keep your bra straps in place with these elastic holders that will stop them from slipping.

    3. This nifty anti-blister stick is a must-have for summer to stop your shoes from rubbing!

    4. And this anti-chafing gel will soothe and prevent any irritation from your skin rubbing together, or clothes rubbing against the skin.

    5. Comfy sandals are an essential, which is why these cushioned sliders belong in your basket.

    6. Remove hard skin from your feet to get them sandal ready with this 3-in-1 foot file. It has a coarse side for removing dead skin, a finer side for smoothing the skin, and a mini hard skin remover for any awkward angles.

    7. Don't let any underboob sweat ruin your outfit with these sweat absorbing liners that sit under your bra.

    8. And check out these underarm sweat shields to avoid any sweat patches from showing.

    9. Keep your hair out of your face so you can stay cool with these on-trend claw clips.

    10. If your summer wardrobe contains linen then this handheld steamer is ideal for smoothing any creases in little time.

    11. Save your white shirts from getting ruined by any stains with this instant stain remover pen!

    12. And you can use these magic erasers to get rid of any marks on your white shoes!

    13. Walking in hot weather can be uncomfortable, but these Scholl gel pads will cushion your feet as you walk.

    14. If you find that your favourite pair of summer heels or sandals slip at the back, this transparent strap will provide some extra support.

    15. These silicone grips will stop your sunglasses from slipping down your face when you're feeling a little sweaty.

    16. Keep your shoes smelling fresh with this deodorising spray.

    17. Check out this double-sided body tape for those outfits that need a little extra security when you can't wear a bra, or to keep off-the-shoulder tops in place.

    18. This maximum strength antiperspirant only needs to be applied once or twice a week, and will stop your clothes from feeling as sweaty without staining them.

    19. Add these no-show sock liners to your basket for those shoes that would just look odd with ankle socks.