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    Here Are 15 Controversial Things People Don't Think Should Be Considered Normal

    "It's so sad to see just the general rudeness and inconsideration of others nowadays."

    Recently, u/honesttruth2703 asked "what is something that is becoming normalised and it very much should not be?" Of course, we had to round up some of the most thought-provoking responses...

    1. "People being incapable of distinguishing between 'I don't like this' and 'this is objectively bad'."

    2. "Recording strangers for content in public areas."

    3. "Talking on speakerphone in public."

    4. "Texting while driving."

    5. "People are becoming too comfortable with their privacy being violated."

    6. "Having a second job to make ends meet and calling it a 'side hustle'."

    7. "People offering their opinions on subjects they know nothing about."

    8. "Posting your children all over social media."

    9. "Ghosting someone, especially if you're in a relationship with them."

    10. "Staring at your phone while at the dinner table."

    11. "The concept that we 'don't owe anyone anything'."

    12. "Becoming more anti-science."

    13. "Being in debt."

    14. "Disrespect towards teachers."

    15. "Social media playing judge, jury, and executioner on matters of other people."

    H/T to u/honesttruth2703 and AskReddit for having this discussion!

    Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Are there any other things that you think definitely shouldn't be normalised? Let us know in the comments.