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    From Late 20s All The Way To Mid 60s, People Are Sharing The Age That Has Been Their Favourite So Far

    "I have grown into a person I like."

    Recently, u/Poochigang7 asked "to the 30+ year olds; what age of life has been the best years of your life so far? Does it get better after your 20s?" and we decided to round up the best responses:

    1. "I'm 34 and I'd say the last four years have been the best so far."

    2. "I just turned 51. Some things are better, like sex. Some things are harder, like recovering after sex. However, my 20s were especially crappy for situational reasons. So, yes so far my 50s are way better than my 20s."


    3. "I'm 38, and it honestly gets better every year."

    "I just feel so much more in control now. It's honestly better than anything I ever did in my twenties."


    4. "My 40s have been my best years so far. For the first time I am absolutely secure in myself and who I am. I have no time for people pleasing."

    5. "I'm 60, and every year has been the best."

    "You truly don't know how wonderful life is until it's sucked. The trick is in knowing that 'this too shall pass' and that we're capable of brilliant things despite hardship. I, for one, love life." 


    6. "I'm 35 this July, I think its tough to compare your 30s and 20s. You're just in a very different time in your life, you want different things, and your priorities are different."


    7. "32-40 have been my best years. I finally knew what I wanted and didn't give a f*ck about coming across a certain way to other people."

    8. "My 30s were awesome, it gets much better after your 20s. You have more money, better sex, and are more comfortable in your own skin. 40s thus far have been good other than the slowing of my metabolism."


    9. "I’m 35 and happier than ever. I’m comfortable in my skin even if my body isn’t perfect. I’m making more money than I ever have and finally making progress on my debt."

    "Also, I’m very happy we decided not to have kids." 


    10. "I’m turning 40 this year. I think almost every year has been better than the previous year. I feel better, have more money, I’m happier and more confident."

    11. "I am not even 32 yet and my thirties have already been the better decade than my twenties. I wasted so much time in my twenties with drugs, party and 'living life'. I don't regret it, but I had a lot of cleaning up to do."


    12. "So far I am loving the 30s. For me, my 30s have been everything I wanted to do when I was in my 20s with financial freedom."


    13. "My 40s have been my best decade. I have grown into a person I like."

    14. "When I turned 45. I finally decided to embrace a healthy lifestyle. I felt old before and now I feel young."


    15. "My teens were the best years of my life. It becomes harder to get together with friends since everybody is so busy and in different places with different responsibilities."


    16. "I’m 62 and so far, my 60s are probably my best years. I’m retired so I get to do what I want and there’s no worries about making some deadlines at work or pleasing the boss."

    17. "My late 30s to mid 40s were amazing. I had established myself in my industry, I was in phenomenal physical condition, and finally stopped worrying about money."


    18. "40s were best for me. 20s you’re still figuring stuff out and not nearly as wise as you think you are."


    19. "I reckon 21 to 28. Post-university stage where you're still going on nights out, living with friends, meeting lots of new people, but have a job and so have money to actually live. Go travelling and see loads of amazing new places for the first time. Real love is relatively new and exciting."

    20. "I’m 34 and I was just thinking about how awesome life is in my 30s and that I wish this decade could be longer!"


    21. "27 was my favorite year, You're youngish, but no longer a kid. But I’m having my best year ever and I just turned 36."

    H/T to u/Poochigang7 and AskReddit for having this discussion!

    Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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