15 Things People Remember From Their Childhood That No Longer Exist, And The Nostalgia Will Hit You

    "Nothing like only buying a box of cereal because of the cool lil gift inside."

    I'm sure that we all look fondly back at our childhood and the things we used to enjoy from time to time.

    So, when u/lil-gatorwrangler asked "what is something from your childhood that no longer exists now?" I wanted to round up some of the most nostalgia-inducing answers...

    1. Cool spoons in cereal boxes

    2. Nickelodeon game shows

    3. Toys-R-Us

    4. When MTV actually played music videos

    5. Saturday morning cartoons

    6. Public phone booths

    7. Playgrounds in fast food places

    8. Going to Blockbuster on a Friday night

    9. Club Penguin

    10. Owning an iPod

    11. When everyone owned a BlackBerry phone

    12. Yahoo! Answers

    13. Affordable concert tickets

    14. Video game controllers being translucent, coloured plastic so you could see the insides

    And my own addition...

    15. Circling everything you wanted for Christmas in the Argos catalogue

    H/T to u/lil-gatorwrangler and AskReddit for having this discussion!

    Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Is there anything else you miss from your childhood that no longer exists? Let me know in the comments below!