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    28 Affordable Products That May Look Little, But Will Make A Big Difference

    Psst...they're all under £15!

    1. It is officially iced coffee season but sometimes they can feel a lil' too cold to hold comfortably. That's why this insulated sleeve will come in handy, it'll keep your drink cool while your hands won't feel a thing!

    2. Track how much water you're drinking throughout the day with this reusable water bottle that has timed markings so you can make sure you're staying hydrated.

    3. These stickers will dim the bright light from your electronics that would usually disturb a peaceful nights sleep.

    4. Keep your coffee fresh with this bag clip that doubles up as a scoop.

    5. For any bakers, this adjustable measuring spoon is suitable for both wet and dry ingredients, and will save you from having multiple spoons taking up space.

    6. If you find that water pools around your tap when washing the dishes, these drip mats will absorb any of the excess water making it easier to clear up.

    7. This overflow cap will allow you to fill your bath water right up to the brim if you feel that the water is never deep enough.

    8. Keep your shower curtain secure and not sticking to you with these self-adhesive holders.

    9. This glass-cleaning brush is specifically designed to clean both the inside and outside of your glass at the same time, and can be attached to your sink via its suction cup.

    10. Stop your cooked food from boiling over with these handy pot watchers that will keep the lid lifted to release steam.

    11. These strips will help your cake stay moist and not burn around the edges while it bakes. Just dampen the strips, wrap them around the cake tin, and the moisture from the strips will give your cake a nice, even bake.

    12. In case of any food-related spills, these stovetop protectors can be placed on top of a gas hob to catch any mess, and can then be easily washed in the dishwasher.

    13. If there's a gap between your counters these silicone covers will stop anything falling down, making it a lot easier to just wipe clean.

    14. And for inside your oven, give these liners a try! They'll catch any mess so your oven stays clean.

    15. These plasters are available in different skin tones and are soft, and durable which is ideal for the healing process.

    16. If your bra isn't fitting quite so comfortably, these extenders will give you that little extra wiggle room.

    17. Remove calluses or dry skin with this double-sided pumice stone that will leave your feet feeling silky smooth.

    18. And if your feet are prone to blisters (just like mine), this handy anti-blister stick will stop your shoes from rubbing on the skin.

    19. Both old and new stains will disappear for good with Dr. Beckmann's carpet stain remover that has its own brush for a quick and even application.

    20. Cut your manicure time in half with Sally Hansen's cuticle dissolver that will remove dry cuticles in as little as 15 seconds!

    21. And if that isn't enough to impress you, apply Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat to dry any nail polish in 30 seconds.

    22. Although it's now spring, sometimes your plants may need a little extra TLC so treat them to these plant food spikes to give them all of the nutrients they need.

    23. Exfoliate your skin with this silicone body scrubber that will also help to lather up any soap to give a deep clean.

    24. These fasteners will keep the corners of your bed sheet under your mattress to avoid the annoyance of them always coming undone.

    25. Upgrade your movie nights with these LED strip lights that can sit behind your TV.

    26. Now that we're getting a lot more sunlight, this window film will not only offer you a bit more privacy, but it'll also cast rainbows across the room when the sun hits.

    27. Get rid of those annoying bobbles on your favourite jumper with this nifty fabric comb.

    28. Never take your neighbour's bin by accident again with these stickers that can be customised with your address.