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    If You’re A Homebody During Winter, You’ll Love These 23 Products

    'Cause baby it's cold outside.

    1. The first step to becoming a true homebody is by owning a fluffy dressing gown. This one also has a hood which is a bonus!

    2. And you can't go wrong with a pair of highly-rated memory foam slippers. They designed for comfort, so who would rather be outside anyway?

    3. There's nothing better in winter than home-cooked food, so make it easy with this Crock-Pot slow cooker!

    4. And to give you some inspiration, this XXL Slow Cooker Recipe Book is filled with warming recipes for you to try – including soup, casseroles, and stews.

    5. This Yankee Candle in 'cinnamon stick' is a fan-favourite for the season. Its warming aroma will have you feeling super cosy.

    6. Or perhaps you prefer a more neutral scent. If that's the case, this Woodwick vanilla bean candle belongs in your home. It even has a crackling wick to make you feel like you're by the fire.

    7. For fellow book lovers, try out this journal where you can keep track of any new reads. It even gives you a list of potential books to discover!

    8. Snuggle up with this long hot water bottle and the cold weather outside will become a distant memory.

    9. If you're partial to a brew, you'll love these Twinings dark caramel tea bags. They're perfect if you have a sweet tooth!

    10. Treat yourself to this adorable glass mug for your collection! It's double insulated so it will keep your drink cold or warm.

    11. And I couldn't not show you this pumpkin cup that also comes with a spoon. It works great for your hot drinks, or if you're in the mood for some soup.

    12. This sourdough proofing basket is ideal if you're looking to try out some home baking this winter. Baking your own bread is the perfect excuse for staying at home.

    13. A scenic winter colouring book is certain to keep you occupied. It means you can enjoy the outside without having to leave your cosy home.

    14. This set of mug cakes are going straight in my basket! They're quick and easy to make, and mean that you can enjoy a sweet treat while you relax.

    15. If you're into your murder mysteries you'll love this 1,000-piece puzzle. Assemble the jigsaw, find the hidden clues, and solve the mystery.

    16. Whilst you're at home you might as well sit back and relax with this Amazon fire TV stick. It offers you multiple streaming services at your fingertips, so you can begin that series you've been wanting to watch!

    17. To save you from having to go out on a coffee run, become your own barista with this handheld milk frother.

    18. Upgrade your sofa situation with this fluffy cushion cover. Because why wouldn't you want to snuggle up during those winter evenings?

    19. If you're in need of some relaxation, try this set of winter-themed bath bombs. They're filled with calming and moisturising ingredients to help soothe your skin.

    20. Or enjoy these dead sea bath salts that will help you relax and unwind after a long day.

    21. While you're in the bath, give yourself the full spa experience with this ergonomic headrest. It has suction cups so it won't slip, and is designed to comfortably support your neck.

    22. Treat yourself to a movie night with this microwaveable popcorn bowl. It'll have your popcorn ready in just three minutes, and can be collapsed when not in use to save storage space.

    23. Finally, this sherpa reading pillow is just what you need to let you sit back, relax, and enjoy that bowl of popcorn!