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    I Tried This Magnetic Gadget From Amazon That Helps To Clean Awkwardly-Shaped Items – Here's What I Thought

    I can safely say the novelty still hasn't worn off.

    Hi! I'm Liz, I shop for a living and my job involves searching for the most interesting and useful products you can buy online.

    While I was scrolling on Amazon this magnetic spot cleaner *attracted* my attention. It's designed to help you clean those awkwardly-shaped objects that a regular brush can't get to, so I absolutely had to try it for myself.

    You simply drop the magnet end into the object you want to clean, and use the other end to guide it around – sounds pretty easy!

    And as you can see both pieces have small flexible rubber dots that help to clean gently without scratching the surface.

    It was time to kick aside my usual helper, and put this nifty little gadget through some tests (no washing-up brushes were harmed during this process).

    I wanted to see how well it would clean this smeared, teeny tiny glass that my regular washing-up brush wouldn't fit in.

    Result: ✅

    Next, I wanted to see how well it would clean a shot glass. I find that it can usually be quite difficult to clean the bottom of them thoroughly, so I was curious.

    Result: ✅

    So, how about those more fiddly items? This candle holder has a lot of crevices that a standard brush can't reach.

    Result: ✅

    It's also ideal for objects with long necks, just like this wine decanter, so you can make sure it's been thoroughly cleaned.

    Overall, I'm impressed with this spot cleaner. I will say it takes a bit of time to get used to, but it's great for those objects you usually have to rinse in hot soapy water and hope for the best. And also, who doesn't want to make cleaning more fun?

    If you're looking for something to get into every awkward crevice of your favourite vase or water bottle, you can get this cleaner here for just £9.99.