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    25 Home Improvement Products That Are Perfect If You’re Renting

    Just a few quick solutions to make the house feel more like a home.

    1. This wall repair kit is 100% essential to help you cover up any unsightly holes. It has everything needed to smoothen walls.

    2. Just stick one of these felt pads on the feet of tables or chairs, and you can move your furniture without worrying about damage to the floor.

    3. If your rental property has cold floors, this long hallway runner adds cosiness and practicality. It'll also help to keep your floors mud-free, and has a non-slip backing too!

    4. Or perhaps a pop of colour with this hallway rug that has a stylish trellis design.

    5. If your rental has a 'no-drill' policy, these Command picture mounts will help those walls look a little less bare. The adhesive backing is easy to remove and damage-free.

    6. For small tasks, these Command mini hooks are perfect for fairy lights and other decorations!

    7. To save on space, this damage-free metal hook can be used to hang coats up if wardrobe space is already taken up.

    8. An easy way to add a personal touch is with these art vinyl wall stickers – and don't worry, they can be removed!

    9. You can also use these adhesive tile stickers in your kitchen to add some life to plain walls, and to make the area feel more modern.

    10. This adhesive door draught stopper is a quick and affordable solution to fix any cold rooms. It will keep the breeze out, and saves on those heating bills.

    11. If wardrobe space is minimal, check out these nifty hanging hooks. It fits six hangers on one hook, and can sit almost flat to avoid taking up too much room.

    12. Shoe storage can also be a problem in rental properties, so try this over-the-door shoe organiser. It can fit 12 pairs and works great in tight spaces.

    13. Check out this privacy window film if a window feels exposed. It keeps your personal space more private from neighbours, and casts a rainbow when the sunlight hits.

    14. This two-tier shower caddy can be hung from your shower, so your toiletries can be organised and zero damage is caused.

    15. Or you can get this adhesive shower tray which also has a hook specifically for a razor.

    16. Finding a pet-friendly rental can be tricky, but if you're currently in one then keep it in tip-top condition with Dr. Beckmann's pet odour and stain remover. It has a handy applicator brush which even works on stubborn stains.

    17. For a quick upcycling job, you can replace old cabinet handles with these antique-style ones. It's an easy way to personalise any furniture. (Just remember to replace them before you leave!)

    18. If you're looking to personalise further, get this adhesive marble contact paper. It looks great on cabinets, tabletops, or anywhere that you think needs a little extra style.

    19. These drain snakes are ideal for getting any hair out of your shower drain, and to avoid paying extra costs for unblocking it later.

    20. Keep the kitchen appliances looking as good as new, even if you've been living in the property for a while with these stainless steel wipes. They remove fingerprints, water marks, dust, and even work to protect the surface after the first application.

    21. For a property with gas hobs, these stove top protectors are perfect to minimise any food spillages getting onto the oven surface and leaving residue.

    22. And for any small spaces between the kitchen counter and appliances, these silicone gap fillers are calling your name. They stop any spills or crumbs from falling into the gap, making it that much easier to keep clean.

    23. Get your sink area looking tidy with this corner sink strainer. It's perfect for storing any sponges or washing up liquid, but can also be used to wash vegetables. It attaches via a suction cup, so it's renter-friendly.

    24. This over-the-door towel rail will keep any hand towels out of the way and looking more organised. The rail also has a non-slip backing so it won't damage or scratch the units.

    25. Finally, if you're after some extra storage in your cupboards, check out these baskets for under the shelves. They just slide onto the shelf and give you that little bit of added space.