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    These 22 Products Are So Clever, You’ll Wonder Why You’ve Never Used Them Before

    Enjoy them now, thank me later.

    1. This 2-in-1 bottle is ideal for oil and vinegar if you're feeling a little fancy. It makes the liquids easy to drizzle over your food, and it takes up less space.

    2. If you prefer to be warm at night but your partner enjoys the cold, sharing a duvet that suits you both can be tricky. Which is why this double duvet has a lighter 4.5 tog half, and a heavier 10.5 tog half to keep you both happy.

    3. Keep your bread fresh with this expandable bread box. It allows you to fit any size loaf in, and even has a bread slicer for ultimate precision.

    4. This OXO grater has a detachable box at the bottom to catch the food, as well as handy measuring lines if a recipe requires a particular amount.

    5. Check out this extra-large freezer tray that can store portions of food such as soup. It's less bulky compared to tupperware, and the silicone material makes it easier to get the food out.

    6. If your tap is too high for kids to reach, this extender will come in handy.

    7. Check out these nail clippers that have a catch-tray so you aren't hovering over your bin trying to collect the clippings!

    8. Mix, serve, and store your salad dressings with this clever salad shaker.

    9. Be honest with me, your laptop is probably a little dusty, which is why this double-ended brush is a must-have. The microfibre end helps to get rid of fingerprints and smudges, whereas the brush end sweeps away any dust or crumbs.

    10. This vegetable brush will tackle all of the nooks and crannies to ensure all the dirt has been scoured away.

    11. Save yourself some extra drawer space with this adjustable measuring spoon that's suitable for wet and dry ingredients.

    12. Okay, I definitely need this spoon that has a built-in digital measuring scale.

    13. This multi-use dish squeegee has a flexible edge to remove food from the plate, it's curved shape makes it easy to clean bowls, and it can also be used to scrape food off surfaces.

    14. Add this soap dispenser washing-up brush to your basket to make doing the dishes a lot easier. Just pop washing-up liquid into the brush, and it will dispense as you scrub.

    15. The tapered blades on this huller make light work of strawberry cores, stems, and leaves.

    16. Make cutting your mango faster and more efficient with this slice and scoop gadget.

    17. This loose tea and coffee scoop can also be used as a clip to keep the bag sealed after use.

    18. Soothe any itching and swelling caused by bug bites with this nifty tool. Its suction cap will remove the insect saliva or venom from under the skin, with a washable tip for smaller areas.

    19. These water storing crystals absorb and release water when plants need it – pretty neat, huh?

    20. You can attach this feeder to your hose to give your garden plants all of the nutrients they need.

    21. Get your feet sandal ready with this electronic foot file. It will remove any cracked or hard skin, leaving your feet feeling silky smooth!

    22. If you're tackling some DIY projects, this safety tool will protect your fingers when hammering any nails.