16 Hilarious Times People Said A Word Catastrophically Wrong, And Some Of These Are Hilarious

    "Ex-girlfriend pronounced rhododendron as RaDonDaDron."

    Recently, u/CurZZe asked "what's a word that someone horribly mispronounced with such confidence, that you still remember it to this day?" and some of the answers were so funny we rounded up the best ones:

    1. "A friend of mine informed us that his favourite Christmas chocolates were the 'feral ranchers.' He meant Ferrero Rocher."

    2. "At our community's Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the mayor read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to all the kids. He had an unfortunate stumble over the word 'dimple', and we heard 'His eyes, how they twinkled! His nipples, how merry!'"


    3. "Repulsive liar instead of compulsive liar."


    4. "Juicy Cooter perfume instead of Juicy Couture..."

    5. "My friend pronounced 'meme' as 'memmay'."


    6. "We had a training at work, taught by an outside organization. The lady was talking about the Irish potato famine. Except she kept calling it the potato phantom. She did this at least five times."


    7. "Networking professor in college was reading a section of the textbook out loud. He came to the word 'extraneous' which he mispronounced as 'extra anus'. No work was done for the rest of that class."


    8. "Someone who thought the word 'vicariously' was bi-curiously. 'You're going on vacation with your friends? Wow! I'm gonna live bi-curiously through you!'"

    9. "I had a friend that pronounced the 'b' in subtle. It was annoying as fuck."


    10. "Ex-girlfriend pronounced rhododendron as RaDonDaDron."


    "I think that's a Gen 5 Pokémon."  


    11. "A girl in college who instead of saying 'annihilate', she pronounced it 'annie-hilly-ate'."

    12. "My wife still says 'rhino-saurus' every time she tries to pronounce 'rhinoceros'. To be fair, her way is better."


    13. "When I worked at Subway someone butchered the word 'chipotle' so badly, I thought they were asking for a cheap hotel."

    14. "I work in the legislative/policy field, and my boss pronounces statutes 'statue-ettes'. It's wild."


    15. "Ooohhh, ooohh! The 'penglings' and 'pengwings' by Benedict Cumberbatch."

    16. "When reading an award at a US Army ceremony, the Personnel clerk was reading: 'He is a fine outstanding soldier all his peers should seek to emulate.' He pronounced it 'eliminate'."


    H/T to u/CurZZe and AskReddit for having this discussion!

    Note: All submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.  

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