"Dogs Are More Welcome Than The Most Vulnerable Class Of Humans" — This Pub Is Going Viral For Allowing Dogs But Not Children, And Wow People Are Angry

    "People who are wound up by this are the entitled kind of parents."

    You know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, in this case a picture has *generated* a thousand words. Recently, X user @hifromkyle posted this picture which caused quite a bit of controversy:

    Found my new local pic.twitter.com/DXaawt0G0U

    — KYLE (@hifromkyle) April 14, 2024
    Twitter: @hifromkyle
    As of time of writing, this picture has 17 MILLION views.

    Yep, it's a sign outside of The Lower Red Lion pub in St. Albans encouraging guests to bring along their dogs, and well, leave their children at home. It's not uncommon that discourse on social media revolves around dogs being allowed in public places, but the concept of being "child-free" while welcoming dogs has raised quite a few eyebrows...

    Some users are questioning why there seems to be a battle of "dogs vs. children" in public spaces.

    shit like this makes me feel so insane like why are we banning parents (women in particular) from public spaces!!! your dog doesn't want to go to a pub or restaurant!!! https://t.co/Xz1Dnns5YU

    — bethany (@kimwexlcrs) April 14, 2024
    Twitter: @kimwexlcrs

    i will take a child over a literal animal in a food establishment any day any hour any minute https://t.co/h2CczcJi5A

    — sippin on that 🇵🇸 (@vivafalastin) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @vivafalastin

    I try not be the kind of guy who speaks in catastrophic terms about cultural shifts bit I feel we (middle class well educated millenial taste makers) are failing a massive societal test of some kind https://t.co/Aunuj69eoK

    — flargo (@sorkincel) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @sorkincel

    The thing about this to me isn't just having a place without children (we already have those), it's the assertion that dogs are more welcome than the most vulnerable class of humans, who 97% of the time are out with women. https://t.co/idCDhW0rea

    — Kathleen 🌿🌲 (@mossgatherer_) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @mossgatherer_

    people that bitch about how much they hate kids but 'love dogs' are actually the worst people you will ever meet https://t.co/p0I49iOyne

    — ri 🫶🏻 (@tiniestbookworm) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @tiniestbookworm

    Y'all scream about how your pets are your children but don't want to be around actual children, make it make sense https://t.co/I9n7hNTKcH pic.twitter.com/9qKcEfYpVW

    — Marzipan 🖤🩶🤍💜 #FreeMegumi (@Marzipan199) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @Marzipan199

    The way some of you hate children with a passion is very much not normal, and I’ll stand by that! https://t.co/mKCtWwXR0v

    — Ash (@theashrb) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @theashrb

    we need to ban pets from places where food is sold and i don’t care who disagrees with me https://t.co/PosXjnFCc2

    — maybe: diane 𐚁 (@dianelyssa) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @dianelyssa

    it's better to dine around children than dogs https://t.co/fviyoyFpeh

    — vo (@vanillaopinions) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @vanillaopinions

    There are other users who argue that "child-free" spaces are perfectly acceptable:

    parents when childless people make their own places and areas to socialize in (theres 500000000 other areas they can go to that allow their obnoxious children in) https://t.co/PqrVPQQTSg pic.twitter.com/63jFnu5Y17

    — scam fraudcisco (@redforcereal) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @redforcereal

    people that are wound up by this are the entitled kind of parents no one can be arsed with.

    act like they're the first people to have kids, demand more from people in service without gratitude & leave places an absolute state while disrupting everyone round them with noisy ipads https://t.co/gM82gmt9UW

    — 𝑆𝐼𝐴𝑁 𝑇𝐻𝑌𝑀𝐸𝑆 🫧 (@SianThymes) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @SianThymes

    Lots of ~discourse~ around this, and let me just say that screaming kids are the bane of my life. I went to A WINE TASTING recently and someone brought their toddler who was allowed to run around shouting, banging things, causing general disruption. Kid-free areas should exist. https://t.co/GTzhYujDME

    — Dyl (@dylanhjm) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @dylanhjm

    Very funny to see people throwing a fit about children not being allowed into a pub/bar by the way, when I was a child this was pretty common. https://t.co/JgO24DxLck

    — Nikita Gill (@nktgill) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @nktgill

    i can’t believe this got so much hate because i don’t like children being in pubs either https://t.co/eRHuuFPD9W

    — andy (@heyitsandy_) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @heyitsandy_

    And then there's those that can't believe how much discourse this single picture has caused...

    Crazy thing about this useless discourse… is the fact that there are plenty pubs out there child free AND animal free. So why in the Earths fat ass, is evryone shouting and whining about “ohhh but i hate dogs” and “ohh this seems misogynistic” ect ect
    Go find another pub 🤷🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/shhWcs4uwr pic.twitter.com/KAQl80ZpXa

    — ⊹ ࣪ ˖ Mercy ⊹ ࣪ ˖ DESIRE🎀☆ (@wooy0lvrmercy) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @wooy0lvrmercy

    ppl writing think pieces about this https://t.co/sZlkit0Udb pic.twitter.com/1tQxEyGZ9E

    — paul mescal’s hate account (@taylorsivy1524) April 15, 2024
    Twitter: @taylorsivy1524

    Honestly, same.

    Twitter: @DemonicNesquik

    Currently, The Lower Red Lion has yet to comment, but they have reposted the tweet on their X account.

    A Twitter repost from The Lower Red Lion shows a user sharing a photo captioned "Found my new local" featuring a street view with a car and buildings