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    Disney's Magical Black Friday Sale Is Still On – Here Are The Deals You Really Don't Want To Miss

    When you wish upon a star...huge savings will appear! ✨

    Disney's Black Friday Sale is still going, and you can get up to 30% off hundreds of items across the store! Here are some of our favourites that we think you'll love:

    1. This Minnie Mouse Christmas outfit may just be the cutest thing I've seen, and it also has a 30% discount!

    2. And these festive Minnie ears are also 30% less.

    3. Make a showstopper dessert thanks to 30% off this Mickey Mouse jelly mould.

    4. Check out this UP-inspired travel gift set that has a 30% discount.

    5. With a 30% saving I will definitely be snuggling up in this festive hooded sweatshirt!

    6. If you're a fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you'll love the 30% discount on this travel tumbler.

    7. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Disney thanks to the 30% saving on this map tote bag.

    8. If you know a kid who *loves* Encanto, I'm sure they'll appreciate this adorable Isabela dress while it's discounted by 30%.

    9. Look, we all know how adorable Groot is, so why not make the most of the 30% discount on this mini plush version so you can give him a big squeeze.

    10. Get into the festive spirit thanks to a 30% saving on this quirky hot chocolate mug!

    11. And if The Santa Clause is one of your favourite films, I predict you'll love this snow globe ornament. It's currently 30% off.

    12. Save 30% on this Christmas jumper that will definitely be the star of the show this season.

    13. Yes, I will be treating myself to these adorable Stitch slippers that are marked down by 30%.

    14. And this matching mug is certainly my cup of tea – especially with the 30% discount!

    15. This deluxe Princess art kit would make a great gift for any creative spirit, so grab it while it's 30% off.

    16. There's 30% off this Ratatouille bag – as if you needed another reason to purchase this piece of art.

    17. Or save 30% on this Christmas Chewbacca crossbody bag.

    18. Or this Spiderman action figure also has a 30% saving.

    19. Any Eeyore fan will be thrilled that this adorable dressing gown is currently marked down by a generous 30%.

    20. Unlock a magical surprise with a 30% saving on these mystery collectable keys.

    21. Upgrade your gift wrapping skills with 30% off this festive box.

    22. Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Zero plush has an adorably soft texture, and a 30% saving.

    23. This ornament lights up, and with its 30% discount I'd say it's a steal!

    24. Check out this Rapunzel tower playset that has a generous 30% off.

    25. Increase their spidey-senses thanks to the 30% saving on this pyjama set.

    26. And for adults, how snuggly does this Winnie the Pooh set look? It's currently 30% off.

    27. If someone you know is a fan of Turning Red (who can blame them?), then make the most of the 38% saving on this large plush.

    28. Any fan of Star Wars: The Mandalorian will be hyped that this Grogu plush is currently 30% less.

    29. I bet you didn't know you needed a Lumiere cake stand until now – and why not when it has 30% off?

    30. Save 30% on these mystery plush toy collectables.

    31. These slippers may just be sweeter than the honey Winnie the Pooh eats! Plus, you can save 30%.

    32. How cosy does this Mickey Mouse throw look? It currently has 30% off.

    33. This vintage-style Christmas jumper is calling my name, and with the 30% saving I think you'll love it too!

    34. If you know a fan of Black Panther, I predict they'll love these interactive gloves that are marked down by 30%.

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