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    28 Decorations That Will Upgrade Your Christmas Tree

    It's time to spruce things up!

    1. Create a winter wonderland with this plush faux fur tree skirt. It adds a little luxury to the festive season, and suits almost any aesthetic.

    2. If you're after something more traditional, check out this pom pom tree skirt. It's in a classic Christmas red, and the pom pom trim is perfectly unique.

    3. Something else fir your consideration, is this wicker tree basket. It will hide the stump of your tree and won't take up too much floor space.

    4. Until Santa brings the presents for under the tree, this light up battery-powered trio will make it look less empty. They're even finished off with a neat little bow!

    5. If you're a seasoned pro at decorating you'll know that the same old lights can get a bit dull. These Christmas candle lights, however, will soon brighten your mood! The dripping wax effect is surely a plus.

    6. Over the years it can be pretty easy to break (or lose) a few baubles, so how about a new matching set? These gold and white baubles feature six festive designs, and are the epitome of elegance.

    7. Showcase your sweet tooth with this set of rose gold shatterproof baubles. Each decoration will have your guests in awe of just how intricate they are.

    8. Your guests will pine over this eight-pack of baubles that are great for a more rustic, cosy looking tree!

    9. Or perhaps these iridescent white baubles are more your style!

    10. This set of rose gold candy canes are a twist on the traditional red and white colourway!

    11. Gingerbread ornaments are perfect for a children's Christmas tree. Each of the 12 has a different design so adorable that you could almost eat them. Almost.

    12. If your family is celebrating someone's first Christmas, then this hanging wooden keepsake is ideal. It can be personalised with their name on it too!

    13. How stunning are these delicate glass angel ornaments? They're lightweight too so the tree branches won't bend.

    14. And if you're into glass decorations, this hanging glass heart is certainly unique!

    15. In case you aren't ready to commit to glass just yet, these acrylic crystal pendants are just as impressive!

    16. Don't forget those tabletop trees this year! This set of small baubles are perfect to get your office Christmas tree looking festive.

    17. I love natural decorations, so these laser cut wooden ornaments are a must-have for my tree this year. They even have a shimmery design which allows the lights to reflect!

    18. These wooden snowflakes would fit perfectly with the theme too!

    19. Your Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without some snowy pine cones making an appearance either. You can also reuse them to upgrade your wrapping!

    20. Bear with me on this one...dried orange slices. They're a really simple way of creating a more rustic, organic looking tree. The smell is the perfect festive scent too.

    21. Speaking of scents, these cinnamon scented sticks are a great way to encourage a winter spiced aroma! Each stick has a fragrance that will last up to 30 days.

    22. These rose gold poinsettias are certainly a statement piece, and will have your tree looking as chic as ever.

    23. And to continue the theme, add these rose gold snowflakes to your basket. Because what's Christmas without a bit of glitter?

    24. Step up your Christmas tree game this year by adding these glitter feathers to its branches!

    25. Say 'cheers!' to another Christmas with this prosecc-ho-ho-ho bottle decoration!

    26. You're definitely due an upgrade from tinsel, so try this burlap tartan ribbon to go around your tree instead. You can lay it on the branches, or even make festive looking bows!

    27. Now your tree is looking like something out of a magazine, add this rattan star topper and stand back to appreciate it in all its glory!

    28. Or try something completely different this year, with this snowman treetop hugger! Wrap him around the tree and secure him with the adorable mittens.