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    22 Cosy Home Products That Won't Make Your Space Feel Cluttered

    I will take one of everything, please.

    1. I don't have a lot of space in my bedroom for a mirror, so I adore this frameless one that fits perfectly on top of my drawers without looking too bulky!

    2. This faux fur rug will instantly warm up your space without feeling like it's getting in the way.

    3. Check out this teddy fleece blanket that you can snuggle up with on chillier days.

    4. And you can use this ottoman to store your blankets in if you prefer the minimal look.

    5. This sun and moon trinket dish is ideal for housing your every day jewellery so it looks a little more organised!

    6. Is there anything cosier than these LED fairy lights that are designed to clip your favourite pictures onto?

    7. This mini essential oil diffuser can change colour, so you can create a relaxing atmosphere.

    8. Check out this woven basket that will cover up those plastic plant pots that are currently ruining the aesthetic.

    9. Speaking of plants, this tiered corner stand is ideal for succulents or smaller shelf plants, without it imposing on your space.

    10. This radiator shelf will not only direct heat back into the room, but it's also great for more storage as long as you don't place anything flammable on it!

    11. Another little addition for keeping your home warm is this portable fan heater. It's the ideal size to take between rooms and it won't feel too in the way.

    12. I'm adding this moon lamp to my basket ASAP.

    13. Or how about this LED fireplace lamp that looks just as cosy as the real thing?

    14. If you don't have the space for a bookcase, this floating shelf is designed to house your books, so you can have your own cosy library. It's also ideal if you don't have a lot of surface space!

    15. Okay, but how cute is this oversized cushion that would be great as both a back rest *and* a decor piece?

    16. If your room can't fit a chair, then this floor cushion allows you to create your own comfortable nook.

    17. This moon phase garland can be attached to your wall, and is dainty enough that it won't make the room feel closed in.

    18. And this crescent moon shelf will purposefully display your trinkets to avoid them looking like clutter.

    19. These Himalayan salt candle holders will give off a warm glow for ultra cosy vibes.

    20. But if you really don't have enough surface space, then check out these Himalayan salt fairy lights instead.

    21. This crystal candle holder is clever as because you can see right through it, it gives the illusion of space instead of clutter.

    22. This beehive incense burner is so cute that you won't mind it taking up a little extra space in your home.