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    18 Things About British Secondary Schools That Still Make Zero Sense To Me

    Yup, those glittery nails ARE a distraction.

    If you're like me and it's been a few years since you bid secondary school farewell, I think we should discuss just how bizarre some of the ~rules~ actually were.

    I don't mean rational rules like no fighting or shouting out in class, but things that seemed a bit more absurd.

    1. Like having to ask permission to remove your blazer or jumper.

    2. Or having to wipe your makeup off before you've even reached first period.

    3. Wearing nail polish to school was treated like a criminal offence.

    4. And if your tie wasn't exactly 15 centimetres long, you got an email sent home.

    5. We all forged our parents' signature in our planners because otherwise it would be another late finish.

    6. Oh, did you really just dye your hair? Enjoy detention!

    7. Was there anything more stress-inducing than knowing you'd forgotten your protractor for the third time in a week?

    8. Treating school corridors like the highway code was barmy, and it was an after-school detention if you didn't walk on the left-hand side.

    9. POV: You just ran several laps around the field, and now you have five minutes to change before your next lesson.

    10. I'm sorry, but HOW is drinking your own water disruptive behaviour?

    11. Remember wasting 10 minutes of your lesson time standing behind your chair because the teacher hadn't said you could sit down yet?

    12. Or getting a pass-agg lecture from your teacher because you stared out of the window once during a 50-minute lesson?

    13. Sometimes the punishment for skipping class was being suspended...make it make sense!

    14. Did anyone else get told off for disrupting a class when you just knocked to ask for more whiteboard pens?

    15. Remember how anxiety-inducing it was to pluck up the courage to ask to go to the toilet?

    16. Was it just my school that didn't let you eat your packed lunch in the cafeteria?

    17. Also, you didn't have time to finish your lunch before class? Sorry, no food in the classroom! Better throw it away.

    18. And finally, this still haunts me: How grim was it having to wear clothes from lost property if you forgot your PE kit?

    What rules did your school enforce that, looking back, just don't make sense? Let us know in the comments!