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    I Have The Coldest Room In The House – Here’s 28 Products I’ll Be Buying To Stay Warm

    It's cold enough outside, so let's get cosy!

    1. This extra-long hot water bottle is the ideal size to snuggle up with on those chillier evenings.

    2. Keep your bed as toasty as possible thanks to this electric blanket. It has three heat settings so you can find what works for you, and is also machine washable.

    3. If you're still using your summer duvet, switch it out with this 15 tog one.

    4. And why not go the extra mile to stay cosy with this teddy fleece duvet and pillow set.

    5. You can pair it with the matching fitted sheet too!

    6. Keep heat in your room thanks to these thermal curtains that will stop it from escaping through your window.

    7. If you prefer blinds, this thermal roller one is easy to fit and has different mounting options to suit different windows.

    8. This adhesive foam tape can be used to seal and cover any gaps in your windows to block out cold air.

    9. Seal any gaps between the door and floor using this adhesive draught excluder..

    10. Or you can add this adorable one to your basket! You can move it from room to room as you move through the house.

    11. Speaking of ridiculously cute products, this microwaveable plushie will warm you up while smelling of relaxing lavender.

    12. Fill these humidifiers with boiling water and hang them from your radiator to spread heat across the room. Just be careful not to knock them!

    13. If your room is too small to risk doing that, then check out this desktop fan heater. It has to heat settings and is easily transportable due to its size.

    14. This faux fur rug will trap any heat if you have wooden floors – plus it looks good too!

    15. Speaking of wooden floors, these strips will stop any draughts from coming through the floorboards.

    16. If your home has single-glazed windows then check out this film that creates a double glazing effect. It'll also reduce any condensation and keep the heat in.

    17. This bleeder will remove any trapped air stuck in your radiator, leading it to working much more efficiently.

    18. And this shelf will not only add more storage to your room, but it stops heat from the radiator going up to your ceiling, and instead pushes it back into your room.

    19. You might also want to invest in this insulating foil especially if your radiator is attached to an external wall. It will reflect heat back into the room.

    20. Whether you're working from home or just chilling out, this electric foot warmer is a must-have. It acts as one giant slipper that will keep your feet super toasty.

    21. This paintable sealant will fill and repair any cracks or holes in your skirting board, because draughts really can come from anywhere.

    22. Add this sherpa fleece blanket to your basket. Not only can you use it to wrap up warm, it can also be used as another layer on top of your duvet at night.

    23. I'll definitely be treating myself to this wearable blanket – I mean it has a foot pocket and cosy sleeves! It can be folded up into a soft cushion when not in use too.

    24. If, like me, you have a lot of houseplants in your room, check out this glass mister. Spraying water onto the leaves of tropical plants will increase their humidity which they thrive in.

    25. You can also check out this humidifier too, which will increase the moisture in the air.

    26. Dry smaller clothing items without blocking your radiator thanks to this hanging airer.

    27. Okay, these penguin slipper socks are definitely coming home with me.

    28. Finally, I predict you'll be reaching for this fluffy loungewear set all winter long.