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    If It’s Been A Long Week, These 25 Products Are For You

    And relax...

    1. Soothe any aches and pains thanks to this heated lavender body wrap.

    2. Or check out this handheld massage roller ball to target specific areas.

    3. Treat yourself to something sweet with this mug cake gift set. Just pop the mixes into the microwave – they're perfect for a quick and easy treat.

    4. Speaking of ease, check out Jamie Oliver's one-pan recipe book for a fuss-free meal.

    5. Sometimes all you need after a long week is a pamper evening, so check out this hydrating sheet mask from Garnier.

    6. This jade roller and gua sha set will increase circulation and help to de-puff your skin.

    7. I predict you'll love this squishy llama that's designed to help you squeeze out any frustration.

    8. For a quick lunch, this microwaveable soup mug is ideal for taking on the go.

    9. These macaron-shaped bath bombs are just a little gift from you to you.

    10. And while you're in the bath, you can catch up on your favourite show, or read your new book thanks to this bamboo caddy.

    11. If you prefer a shower, then check out these steamers that, when placed on the shower floor, will produce relaxing scents.

    12. Speaking of the shower, quickly get rid of any soap residue or buildup thanks to this daily no-rinse spray.

    13. Give your upholstery or carpet a quick refresh with this spray that will banish any odours.

    14. This to-do list notepad will get you feeling organised and on track for the week ahead. It has a section for top priorities for those things you *really* need to do.

    15. Finely dice your vegetables in one fluid motion thanks to this 14-in-1 chopper.

    16. These silicone baking mats don't require any oil for your food to not stick, and any residue will slide right off under running water.

    17. If your nail polish has started to show some wear and tear, this 'twist and scrub' sponge will remove your polish with ease.

    18. Add Batiste's dry shampoo to your basket to absorb excess oils in your roots, saving you from the hassle of washing your hair.

    19. Or you can treat your hair to this 3-in-1 hydrating mask to revive your locks.

    20. Make your laundry pile feel a little less intimidating with these Colour Catcher sheets, meaning you can chuck it all in without separating colours.

    21. Sit back and relax with a brew thanks to this set of organic wellness tea sachets.

    22. And while you're relaxing, what could be better than snuggling up with this wearable blanket?

    23. Nab these blemish-busting patches that will absorb the gunk in your spots, helping them to heal faster.

    24. After a busy week, I predict you'll love this essential oil diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere.

    25. Finally, you deserve a good night's sleep, so check out this pillow spray that's infused with lavender and chamomile to help you drift off to sleep.