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    30 Bargain Amazon Finds That Have Excited Readers This Week

    Wait, so *everything* is under a tenner?

    1. Banish the mould and mildew that's been haunting your home with this spray that doesn't require any scrubbing.

    2. Remove even stubborn grease and oil stains with this all-purpose degreaser spray. It can be used on fabrics, metals, and plastics so your whole home can be wiped clean!

    3. Stop your doors from banging into the wall with this self-adhesive stopper.

    4. And these buffer stickers will stop your drawers and cupboard doors from slamming shut.

    5. It's officially autumn, so treat yourself to a cosy night in with these dark caramel flavoured tea bags!

    6. Or why not try these warming apple and cinnamon tea bags?

    7. And now the temperature has dropped it will soon be cold and flu season, so you might want to stock up on this blocked nose spray.

    8. These adorable penguin-shaped scrapers will help you to get every last drop of food out of a bowl or pan.

    9. Eating oranges couldn't be made easier thanks to this nifty gadget that will help you to peel the skin without any faff.

    10. You can use these transparent sticky notes to annotate books without having to mark the pages.

    11. This Rimmel nail varnish dries in just 60 seconds, and how could you not love this colour?

    12. Remove those bobbles from your upholstery or clothing with this fabric comb.

    13. De-mist your windows with this microfibre cleaning pad that won't leave any smudges or streaks.

    14. Clean any soap residue from your shower screen with this squeegee. It even has a hook so you can hang it to dry after use.

    15. This Scrub Daddy damp duster has clever ridges that the dust will stick to so it doesn't continue to float around after cleaning.

    16. Check out this clever brush that's slim enough to reach into every nook and cranny including window gaps.

    17. This eyebrow tinting kit will last up to six weeks after application, and is a more affordable alternative to a salon appointment.

    18. Not only does this Method cleaner leave your hard floors grime-free and squeaky clean, it *also* smells amazing.

    19. You can use these brushes to remove any food or coffee stains on your teeth.

    20. If your favourite item of clothing has a stubborn stain you can't get rid of, you might want to give this stain remover bar a try. Just rub directly onto the stain and pop the clothing in the wash!

    21. Store you toothbrush and toothpaste in this wall-mounted holder to banish any clutter on your sink.

    22. If, like me, you can never perfect the poached egg then check out these reusable cups that will save you any hassle.

    23. This soap dish costs less than one whole British pound, and it will stop your soap from going mushy – what's not to like?

    24. If you've noticed any bits floating around in your brew, it may be due to a buildup of limescale in your kettle. Just pop this descaler into the appliance and boil as normal.

    25. These magic erasers can be used to remove stains from almost every surface in your home.

    26. Check out these patches that will absorb impurities in your skin, healing your spots and preventing you from picking at them.

    27. Give your toilet a quick deep-clean with this foaming powder. It will prevent the buildup of limescale too!

    28. Dr. Beckmann's carpet stain remover is super highly-rated, which isn't a surprise as it even gets rid of red wine stains.

    29. Eat any messy snacks without getting residue on your hands with these finger chopsticks.

    30. Prevent any food waste or hair from blocking up your sink with these silicone drain protectors.