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    Amazon's Cyber Monday Sale At Midnight – Here Are The Best Kids' Gifts Under-£15 That You Can Still Get

    Give Santa a helping hand by making the most of these savings!

    Amazon's Cyber Monday sale is now on! We've gone through all the deals to find the very best ones:

    1. Okay, how fun do these hair chalks look? And with a 38% discount it would be rude to say no!

    2. Save 47% on these adorable squishy mochi toys.

    3. I loved these bath crayons when I was a kid, so why not grab them while they have 35% off?

    4. Speaking of bath time, save 33% on this wind-up toy.

    5. LEGO and Jurassic Park fans will love this PS4 game that is marked down by 52%.

    6. If you're after a game that can make you cry and laugh (or both at the same time), then check out the 20% discount on this Jenga game.

    7. Make the most of the 33% saving on this Kinetic sand set.

    8. There's a 27% discount on this 'Pets Alive' toy, that's perfect for animal lovers.

    9. Channel their creativity thanks to the 47% saving on these glitter pens.

    10. Sometimes the simpler the better, which is why this wooden pull-along frog is such a great gift. It also has 27% off.

    11. I just know I'd have had *hours* of fun with this Play-Doh vacuum toy. Grab it while it has 48% off!

    12. This light-up drawing board will save you 42%, and be a source of entertainment to keep them busy.

    13. Save 20% on this 'pass the pigs' dice game that even has a handy case for travel.

    14. They can make their own fun squishy creations thanks to this Aqua Gelz kit that has 27% off.

    15. How adorable is this Hasbro construction set? You can get it for 48% less.

    16. This two-pack of surprise Mini Brand collectables will save you 27%.

    17. And if collectibles are their thing, check out the 35% discount on these Recyclings mystery pencil toppers.

    18. And you can grab this matching recycling truck with a 50% saving.

    19. This Squishville Spa set is not only adorable, but also has 33% off.

    20. Speaking of spa's, this pop-up playset has loads of different parts to play with, including being able to change the character's facial expressions! It has 38% off.

    21. They can create their very own My Little Pony pictures with this 15%-off fuzzy felt set.

    22. This chocolate bar-making set has a sweet 31% saving.

    23. They can colour and style their own mermaid with this Crayola gift set that is marked down by 31%.

    24. Save 15% on these wooden food blocks.

    25. These robotic fish swim in five different directions and can dive up to six feet! They're also 25% off.

    26. Give them some creative freedom with this tie dye machine for 45% less.

    27. Check out the 37% discount on this digital NERF target.

    28. And how about the 25% saving on this foam dart blaster?

    29. They have to grab all of the wiggly worms out of the apple in this game, and it has a 19% discount!

    30. This 100-piece building blocks set will save you 16%.

    31. Gift them this Mike Wazowski FunkPOP! for 25% less.

    32. They can make their own Charmander figure, and you can save 15%!

    33. Save the chickens from the hungry fox in this 41%-off board game.

    34. This Alice in Wonderland stacking cup and card set would make a great stocking filler. It has 31% off.

    35. Treat them to this wooden fishing game that's currently 21% off.

    36. Save a generous 28% on these binoculars so they can explore the world around them.

    37. They can add different facial expressions to this 21%-off pineapple toy, which helps them to develop an understanding of emotions and feelings.

    38. Nab this water science kit while it's got a 16% discount.

    39. There's a huge 40% discount on these reusable sticker books that allows them to decorate their own scenes.

    40. They can piece together this Minions 2 jigsaw puzzle that has a 10% discount.

    41. You can save 35% on this 'stomp and launch' rocket set for a gift that's out of this world!

    42. These two writing tablets are great if they want to scribble down any notes or drawings. Plus, they've got 37% off.