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    32 Autumn Home Pieces From John Lewis That Won't Break The Bank

    Fellow homebodies, you'll love this one!

    1. Autumn is the season of cosy dinner parties, so why not add these tapered candles to your basket?

    2. Or you can add a cosy glow to your home thanks to these small pillar candles.

    3. The last thing you want is for everyone to be traipsing mud and dirt into your home, so check out this coir door mat.

    4. I can't be the only one who thinks wicker is the epitome of autumn, so this waste paper bin is coming home with me!

    5. One look at this wicker log basket and I'm transported into a cosy, warm living room – I'll take one!

    6. Snuggle up and relax with this fleece throw blanket.

    7. This velvet cushion comes in a warming auburn shade which was practically made for autumn!

    8. Or check out this metallic cross cushion if that's more your style.

    9. I will definitely be having a brew in this ribbed stoneware mug.

    10. You can also make sure your guests always have matching mugs thanks to this set of four!

    11. As soon as I saw this mug I knew that I had to share it with you.

    12. Sorry, but how stunning are these cord eyelet curtains?

    13. If you prefer a pencil pleat, check out these curtains that are fuss free and super cosy.

    14. Check out this faux fur rug to keep your feet warm if your home has wooden floors.

    15. This versatile casserole pot is ideal for those home-cooked autumn meals.

    16. If you're just cooking for one, this smaller casserole dish is perfect.

    17. And if you're in the cooking mode, I predict you'll love this non-stick roaster.

    18. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with this brass rack that will hold your bubble bath and soaps!

    19. And you don't want to make a splash, but in case you do this recycled bath mat will soak up any excess water.

    20. It's definitely baking season, so get your hands on this rolling pin.

    21. These pasta bowls are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

    22. Store your blankets, toys, or any other bits and bobs in these woven baskets.

    23. Now that the nights are getting colder, this bedspread is an essential purchase!

    24. Display any dried bouquets in this unique jam jar vase.

    25. Store any delicious cookies or baking ingredients in this copper and glass jar.

    26. If you work from home, you might appreciate this desk lamp to brighten up your desk.

    27. How cute is this pyramid doorstop?

    28. These oven gloves will protect your hands from hot pots and pans.

    29. I had to show you this adorable leaf print duvet set!

    30. Or maybe you think this cosmic duvet set is just out of the world.

    31. Check out this storage bag that's ideal for keeping your out of season clothes out of the way.

    32. I love this metal cookbook stand, and I think you will too.