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    15 "Juno" Moments That Describe Thanksgiving With 100% Accuracy

    "Whoa, dream big!"

    1. Psyching yourself up before you have to see the family:

    2. Thinking that maybe this Thanksgiving will be different:

    3. But it starts by getting assigned to the kids' table:

    4. And then your mom starts in about how she would really love some grandchildren soon, and you think how unfair it is to be both assigned to the kids' table and be expected to have kids:

    5. Then your aunt won't shut up about her green bean casserole:

    6. Now they've finally let you sit at the adult table, but you have to act the part:

    7. And you have to endure all the small talk that all starts with, "So, what have you been up to recently?"

    8. Your face as they talk over you and your grandpa monopolizes the conversation:

    9. A brief moment of pure joy as you stare into the oven at the pumpkin pie:

    10. You after the sugar rush, but before the turkey coma:

    11. Brought back to reality when your Uncle Jerry starts a conversation with "I'm not racist, but...":

    12. The only thing running through your mind as you sit and listen to your family engage in horrifically ignorant conversation:

    13. Driving home in a fit of annoyance, boredom, and overall frustration at such a scam holiday:

    14. Only to come to your final realization that nothing has changed and it's just the same stuff, new year:

    15. Here's to Thanksgiving. Go fly a kite.