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    48 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men You Can Get For $25 Or Less

    Let them know you love them without going broke. 💸

    1. A beard bouquet that'll add a pop of color to their beard and put a smile on both of your faces.

    2. An urban map glass they can admire while sipping away at their favorite whisky.

    3. A set of 12 leather bracelets that'll complete any look, whether they're heading to a 5-star restaurant with you or taking you to their favorite local bar.

    4. A ticket stub diary to help them remember all the concerts y'all jammed out at and the games you've watched.

    5. A Casio watch that'll have his wrist looking hot without burning a hole through your wallet.

    6. A personalized cushion, because there's no better way to say "I love you!" than with your face on a cushion for them to hold when you're not around.

    7. An assortment of six ties that'll have them looking sharp everyday of the week except for Sunday because we all know Sundays are for PJs and cuddling.

    8. A book to let them know EXACTLY what you love about them, making your love for them crystal clear.

    9. A multifunctional canvas messenger bag that can hold their sketchbooks, their tablet, and that burrito you asked them to pick up for dinner.

    10. A water resistant wallet so when they drop their wallet in a puddle on a rainy day, they'll have you to thank for keeping their cash dry.

    11. A date night bucket list that'll come in handy when neither of you can decide on where to go, what to do, and what to eat—just let the bucket decide!

    12. A Space Jam pint glass if they're a true '90s kid who understands it's truly a cinematic masterpiece.

    13. A leather neck strap that'll stylishly keep their camera from falling while they take pictures of you.

    14. A charging hub for powering up their iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once so you'll never lose them over FaceTime because of a dead device ever again.

    15. A roll of I Love You toilet paper that'll remind them of how much you love them even during the most private part of their day.

    16. A handheld Tetris as a retro gift that'll surely win them over if they're an arcade game lover.

    17. Personalized collar stays that'll keep their collar AND their love for you in place.

    18. A microwave-to-erase-and-reuse notebook that will send their notes and sketches to the cloud where they will live forever.

    19. A color-changing lightbulb to light up their life (and their room) like nothing else.

    20. A pair of personalized leather cufflinks sure to be a great conversation piece and opportunity for him to brag about your awesomeness as a significant other.

    21. A personalized enamel mug to immortalize your love for each other with initials on their soon-to-be favorite coffee vessel.

    22. A woven Harry Potter blanket so they can rep their rightful Hogwarts house while you're both snuggled up on the couch eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and watching Harry Potter Weekend on FreeForm.

    23. A french press if they're a bit of coffee snob and want to make their morning coffee feel extra fancy.

    24. A personalized puzzle with your faces on it that gives literal meaning to the phrase, "You complete me."

    25. A hot sauce of the month subscription if they love spicy food just as much as they love you!

    26. A travel shave kit to help them ditch the 5 o'clock shadow before your dinner date.

    27. A journal with a question per day you both answer. After three years, you can both look back on yours answers and seen how much you've changed as a couple. It's a gift that gets better with time!

    28. A black titanium ring for your minimalist lover that'll totally fit their aesthetic.

    29. A poster to let them know how you ∼truly∼ feel with them around.

    30. A Rick and Morty calendar so they won't be in great pain trying to keep track of what day it is and all their upcoming dates with you.

    31. A pack of three personalized air fresheners that'll make them think of you whenever they enter their car.

    32. A soy candle scented like their favorite material — leather.

    33. A sandalwood comb specifically made for managing their unruly beard.

    34. Beer chilling sticks that'll keep their favorite brew cold while they're parked on the couch watching the game.

    35. A vinyl record cleaner to keep their tracks dust-free so they'll play all night long as you two dance around the living room.

    36. A whiskey fragrance so they can have their drink and wear it too.

    37. Bob's Burger cookbook to help them bring their favorite cartoon burgers to life.

    38. A subscription box for dress socks that'll make them the talk of their office.

    39. A greeting card box to let them know all the ways you love them while turning their favorite six-pack into the prettiest gift of all time.

    40. A pair of wireless headphones that won't have you dreading your credit card statement at the end of the month and are waterproof unlike a certain other pair. *cough* AirPods *cough*

    41. Little Moments of Love book to remind you both that even the smallest shared encounters with each other are filled with endless love.

    42. A minimalist leather wallet that'll hold all their credit cards, cash, and IDs without the bulk so their pockets have more space for important things like your hands when it's cold outside.

    43. A silicone case with a clip for their AirPods which is a reasonably priced insurance against loss for one their most pricey possessions. *AirPods not included.

    44. A camera lens kit to up their photography game which ups your Insta game since they'll be taking more pictures of you as they test out each lens. Basically, it's a gift for the both of you!

    45. A Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko Pop! toy that'll paint them with laughter.

    46. A leather-bound journal to keep their sketches and love letters to you safe.

    47. A book that goes behind the scenes of the popular Cartoon Network series Steven Universe if they're a super fan of the show.

    48. And a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so they can sing and dance as they shower before date night with you.

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