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    28 Surprisingly Attractive Kitchen Products You Can Get From Walmart

    Treat your kitchen to a little makeover.

    1. An 11-piece nonstick cookware set (from the Buzzfeed Tasty collection) you'll be sure to see the second you enter the kitchen.

    2. A cake stand with a glass cover to showcase your beloved chocolate cake while protecting it from frosting thieves.

    3. A bar cart that'll make your guests crown you the Queen of Hosting when you wheel it out at your next dinner party.

    4. A set of geometric salad plates so you can make eating your leafy greens a more appealing experience.

    5. A set of wooden-handled cheese knives, because these'll give you a sturdy grip as you carve yourself a piece of cheddar on wine and cheese night.

    6. A stoneware serving bowl and platter set with a minimalistic scalloped design to elegantly present your food.

    7. A set of glass bottles with stainless steel caps for stylishly and compactly storing liquids in your fridge.

    8. A marble cutting board that'll not only look cool, but stay cool as you roll out your pastry dough to prevent it from sticking. It can also be used as a gorgeous serving piece!

    9. A 16-piece beaded stoneware dinnerware set, because matching plates and mugs will always give you major heart eyes.

    10. A three-piece dining table set that'll make you never want to leave your breakfast nook.

    11. A customizable ceramic cookie jar for letting people know exactly what awaits inside of it. Not to mention, you deserve to put your name on your hard work after baking homemade treats.

    12. A set of natural agate coasters with gold edges to protect your table while adding a ∼fancy touch∼ wherever they are placed.

    13. A pair of stainless steel electric salt and pepper grinders that'll be a welcome addition to your kitchen table.

    14. A set of mini porcelain pitchers to use as a vase for some hand-picked flowers or as a jug for freshly squeezed orange juice.

    15. A set of nonstick nylon cooking utensils so you can brighten up your utensil drawer.

    16. A porcelain butter dish with a rubberwood lid that'll hold close to four sticks of butter and seamlessly fit into your black and white kitchen scheme.

    17. A crystal carafe with an ice chamber for keeping your wine chilled, while also creating an interesting centerpiece.

    18. A set of stemless stainless steel wine glasses that can also be used for cocktails to dazzle your guests as they sip from them.

    19. An enamel-coated steel colander for straining your pasta with something that'll never be an eyesore on your countertop.

    20. A set of mason jar drinking glasses so your lemonade looks *extra* refreshing on a hot day. Plus, the plastic straws are included!

    21. A 15-piece stainless steel knife set, because this'll be sure to stand out on your countertop.

    22. A set of porcelain dinner plates with a geometric pattern that'll serve as a treat for your eyes when you eat your meals.

    23. A four-piece mixing bowl set to lose yourself in while whisking away at your Sunday morning pancake batter.

    24. A set of durable stoneware bowls with lace detailing for you to admire as you enjoy your favorite cereal.

    25. A cast iron Dutch oven that'll add a pop of color to your stovetop.

    26. A mounted wine rack so you can store your reds, whites, and rosés on top, while also storing up to six long-stemmed glasses below.

    27. An electric kettle that'll give you something pretty to look at while you wait for your water to boil.

    28. And six-piece non-stick bakeware set (from the BuzzFeed Tasty collection) with colorful silicone inset handles, because these'll give you a firm grip and help you spot them in your cabinet.

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