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    If You Have Dry, Dyed, Or Curly Hair, Here's Why You Should Consider A Cowash

    Goodbye, shampoo and condititoner! Helloooooo, cowash!

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    First off, let's establish what exactly a cowash is. Cowashing is short for "conditioner-only washing." A cowash is a conditioner-based product formulated to leave your hair feeling super clean and soft — so you can forgo the shampoo and conditioner because the cowash will do all the work. Woo!

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    This method for hair-washing works best for people with thick, dry, or curly hair — many of whom prefer cowashing because it moisturizes WHILE cleaning. Most shampoos and conditioners strip the hair of natural oils with chemicals, leaving your hair and scalp dry.

    Now, let me introduce you to As I Am's Coconut Cowash. It's made with tangerine, coconut oil, and castor oil to naturally cleanse your hair and leave it smelling like a tropical paradise. Plus, it works as a great detangling slip, so say buh-bye to knots and tangles!

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    Annnnd it's less than $7.

    Here's how best to use it: Wet your hair thoroughly, then apply a generous amount of product to your hair and work it into your hair and scalp as you would a regular shampoo. Afterwards, detangle any of your pesky knots with a wide-tooth comb. Finally, rinse well and enjoy your freshly cowashed hair!

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    Trust me, a wide-toothed comb will make detangling sooooo much easier.

    Don't have one? Try this one from Amazon for $5.59.

    My hairstylist of 15 years recommended this cowash after I dyed my hair in 2014. The dye had left it insufferably dry and pretty much turned it into a tangled bird's nest. After just one use, I noticed the return of long-lost softness and moisture, as well as definition to my 2b wavy hair.

    Elisabeth Narine / Via BuzzFeed

    In the "before" picture, my hair is oily, flat, and tangled. The "after" picture is my hair after using As I Am's Coconut Cowash; my waves have more definition, my hair overall is more voluminous, and my hair and scalp feel clean and non-greasy.

    I'm not the only one who loves this stuff. It has over 1,100 positive reviews on Amazon, with reviewers loving its natural ingredients and how soft and attesting to how clean it leaves their hair and scalp.


    "This stuff is fantastic. I heard about it on YouTube. I'm 70, live in Florida, and my gray hair gets frizzy and awful here. So I tried this and my hair looks great. I have no more frizz and my hair feels so clean. Plus, this stuff smells so good. I was really surprised, so I gave a jar of it to a girlfriend to try. I guess the sulfates in regular shampoo aren't good for gray hair." —Dee Statham

    "This is one of the best products I EVER used for my natural hair. I have 4C thick, natural hair. I hate using shampoos because they dry out my hair and leave it dull and tangled after I wash it. Then I tried this cowash and it's the best cowash I ever used! My hair stays moisturized and soft after using it. Plus, it doesn't strip my hair! It really gets the job done and has great natural ingredients. The jar is big so it will last for a while (I wash my hair every other week and I still have a good amount). This has become a staple item for my hair regimen." —Ashley

    Did I mention it's ∼perfect∼ for curls? This cowash was made with curly hair in mind and reviewers aren't disappointed with their newly hydrated, manageable curls post-wash.

    "Love, love, love this stuff! I have strong Portuguese genes, so my naturally curly hair stays dry and coarse all the time regardless of whether I blow it out straight or wear it wild and curly. I have tried every 'moisturizing' shampoo on the shelves, but they always keep my hair stripped of natural oils. Finally, a friend of mine suggested this cowash. After just one use, I called my friend and thanked her a million times over for suggesting this stuff! My scalp felt so clean, but not stripped! It effectively removed the vast quantities of leave-in conditioner, hairspray, and gel in it from the day before. It left my scalp feeling moisturized and refreshed, yet not greasy at all. It also left my hair and scalp smelling and feeling amazing. I would recommend this to ANYONE with dry, coarse/naturally curly hair. You won’t be disappointed!" —Kelly

    "I love this! I have naturally curly hair that after 50-some odd years, I finally can get it to not be so wild. My hair is soft, manageable, and I can go several days after washing without it looking frizzy or weird. It's easy to use and a lot less expensive than Wen. Heck, my hair is better with this product than it ever was with Wen!" —Bender

    "This stuff is amazing. My hair is 2A/2B, fairly fine, but thick/dense with an S-wave pattern. I am Caucasian. This stuff works great for me. My hair tangles less and stays properly hydrated. This was my first cowash only product and I'm sold. I use a few handfuls per wash as my hair is so thick. My hair can go three or four days without looking dirty depending on what styling product I use. My hair is very prone to damage, so the more I can bring out my natural wave the less I have to style. My scalp is very healthy now and no longer produces excess oil." —Amazon Customer

    It even works well with dyed hair, because no one enjoys the dry hair that results after bleaching or watching their hair dye go down the drain. This cowash maintains color, adds moisture, and softens your locks. Talk about a multitasker.

    "I bought this product shortly after dying my black hair BLONDE! To say this is a miracle product is an understatement! It quickly brought life back to my curls and my hair has never looked healthier. The smell (personally) is amazing and I always feel like I'm using a high-quality product. The conditioner washes out quite nicely. Even after using a palm-size amount every week, I still have product left after two months! If you are biracial or have extremely kinky/curly hair definitely give it a try!" —Rachel

    "I have dyed blonde, type 2C hair. It's dried out from all the bleaching I've been doing over the years and it's hard to find a product to make it soft. I have a cabinet full of products I've tried once and never used again. However, after one use of this cowash I will be throwing out every other product I've ever used and will only use this going forward. This is amazing. It made my hair incredibly soft without being greasy. My scalp felt fully cleaned after using it. It got rid of all the dry shampoo sitting on my scalp. It's good for leaving your hair naturally wavy or for blow-drying. I highly recommend especially for girls who only wash their hair one or two times a week." —kayla

    "I am Caucasian with 3A curly hair that's dyed purple and pink. Shampoo makes my roots greasy, while it leaves everywhere else very dry. It also makes my hair dye fade. Other cowashes seem to address the dry issue, but make my hair feel less clean. I use this cowash once every three days or so and it makes my hair feel soft and clean. Best of all, it doesn't strip any of the color from my hair! This stuff is awesome and seems to work for many different hair types." —Phoenix Thanatos

    "I've colored my hair for 35+ years and it's resistant to retaining applied hair color. I have very fine and thinning hair. My wonderful stylist recommended this product and other sulfate-free products to me. This product is great for preserving hair color and keeping my hair hydrated without sacrificing body and shine. It does not replace staying out of the sun or using a hat (I hate wearing a hat), but my hair feels soft and healthy. Plus, it's easy to style. I highly recommend it for any type of hair. " —Kiki

    This cowash will take the hassle out of washing, maintaining, moisturizing, AND detangling your hair. Honestly, do yourself a favor and try it. Get a 16-ounce jar from Amazon for $6.79.


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