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  • DJ Eli & DJ FlannAL - EliFlanwich (16-Track Mashup Collaboration Album)

    DJ Eli is from New York and DJ FlannAL is from Boston. As college students, they both explored their musical creativity during their downtime from school. For the past 2 years, they gained support from various websites and artists around the world. For the first time, they are showcasing their collaboration efforts through the mashup album EliFlanwich. Packed with hip-hop, trap, melodic dubstep, mainstream, and electronic music, their creativity represents their keen ear.

  • Beyonce And Electronic Dance Music?

    Today’s music is an amalgamation of electronic music, pop, hard-hitting hip hop tunes, and even the English/indie pop/rock variety. How about a song that combines the style of today’s music into one mashup? DJ Eli has a sweet party-starter that will bump the roofs off any venue. “Stick Up” is a mashup that combines Beyonce’s “Diva” and Luminox’s remix of “Rattle” by Bingo Players. For those who are unfamiilar to Luminox, he is an artist based from Phoenix and Chicago that produces “trapstyle” music. Trapstyle music is a combination of hip hop and electronic dance music. Anyway, be sure to check out DJ Eli’s mashup!

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