11 Bougie Bodega Snacks You Absolutely Deserve To Splurge On

    Chocolate covered blueberries = elite.

    1. Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Acaí & Blueberry

    10 inch tall plastic bag that has chocolate-covered blueberries on it

    2. Barnana Organic Plantain Chips (Himalayan Pink Sea Salt flavor)

    chip bag with ridged chips on it

    3. Brownie Brittle

    4. Koia Protein Shakes

    a 10 inch tall plastic bottle that says koia protein

    5. Milk Bar Cookies

    three boxes that have different cookies on them: one is a sugar cookie with sprinkles, one is a chocolate chip cookie with pretzels, and the third is a choc chip cookie with marshmallows

    6. Catalina Crunch Keto Cereal

    six 10 inch tall bags that say catalina crunch and have different cereals on them: one has mini cinnamon toasts, one has dark chocolate chunks, and the other bags have flavors hidden

    7. Talenti Gelato

    a pint of gelato that says "talenti gelato layers: cookies and cream"

    8. Snickerdoodle Chocolate Cookie Bites

    an eight inch tall plastic bag with a resealable zipper that says "theo organic snickerdoodle chocolate cookie bites" with pictures of m&m-sized chocolate covered cookies

    9. Berry Dream Bites

    pint of frozen berries covered in chocolate

    10. Stroopwafels

    individually-wrapped cookie that has waffle texture

    11. And White Rabbit Creamy Candy

    6 oz plastic bag with a rabbit jumping mid-air on it

    What are your favorite bodega snacks? Let me know in the comments below!