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Love Women? Love Science? A List Of What People In STEM Really Look Like.

Meet the coolest humans crushing all the stereotypes of what people in STEM look like.

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Jedidah Isler- Astrophysicist

Jedidah Isler / Via

The first African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Yale University, Isler studies blazars (supermassive, hyperactive black holes.) In addition to her research she is an advocate for a STEM education for all; especially women.

Cynthia Kenyon- Molecular Biologist

Calico Labs / Via

Want to live forever? Kenyon is Vice President of Google's venture Calico- a company focused on research and development of extending the lifespan of humans.

Kate Rubins- Astronaut/Microbiologist

Queen multi-tasker- Rubins was the first person to sequence DNA in SPACE! Rubins runs a lab dedicated to research of viruses that affect Central and West Africa. In 2016 she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut aboard the Soyuz spacecraft.

Janet Iwasa- Animator/Cell Biologist

TED / Via

Where science meets art you'll find Iwasa, a molecular animator. She's credited for creating 3D animations of molecules to help scientists better understand how they work and interact.

Fei-Fei Li- Computer Scientist

Fei Fei Li / Via

Ever wonder what it will take for (wo)MAN and machine to become one? Just ask Fei-Fe Li, the director of Stanford's artificial intelligence lab. She's steady teaching machines how to recognize images and learn and process language.

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