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    Amy Rebecca: Upcoming New York Socialite, Deejay And Supermodel

    Socialites have been known throughout history to be celebrities because of their partying lifestyle and heavy influence on the current culture of a society.

    They usually come from a wealthy family and have a wide range of high-profile connections too. The media covers them religiously by showcasing every action, scandal or controversy they’re involved in.

    In the United States, one of the most popular socialites is Kim Kardashian. Every celebrity wishes to achieve this level of success under the spotlight. Amy Rebecca happens to be one of those celebrities. Her dream for a long time has been to become a deejay. However, she did not expect to reach the status of a New York socialite and supermodel happening at the same time. This is a unique dream because deejaying is not often associated with the life of a socialite.

    However, Amy is not your typical deejay. She is also a gym fanatic and competitive bodybuilder who has integrated her love of fitness into her aspiring music career. At age 18, she was already participating in bodybuilding competitions. She also became nationally qualified to start a fitness modeling career. How many New York socialites have a background in music, bodybuilding and modeling?

    When Amy was growing up in the Dominican Republic, her family always encouraged her to reach high in life. There were several positive influences in her family, especially since many of them were musicians too. Some of them were even Latin Grammy Award winners. Amy had the desire to be famous in the music industry in some way. The little did she know that it would be as a deejay and fitness model.

    Soon after Amy first arrived in Los Angeles, her amazing physique was noticed by agents and others in show business. They suggested that she turn to modeling and acting to break into the business and gain notoriety. Although this was a far cry from her musical talents, Amy realized that gaining exposure meant she had to do anything to get there.

    After working on several music videos, she got noticed by popular singers like Famous Dex, Jennifer Lopez and Nick Monaco. Amy stood out for her physical beauty more than anything else. Popular magazines soon wanted to feature her on their covers and articles, including Playboy, FHM, Esquire Latin America, and MAXIM.

    Still hellbent on a music career, Amy started to give live performances under the exclusive stage name “DJ Curvy.” Many of her music venues include clubs, festivals, and special events. She’s also collaborating with other music artists and performing on stage with them.

    As for her dream of becoming the next big American socialite, Amy has turned to social media to try and make this dream come true. After all, social media is where socialites are made these days. Just look at how successful it has made Kim Kardashian. She utilizes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to reach her fan base consisting of over 100 million people. She can wear, say, or do pretty much whatever she wants, and it’ll begin a new trend in American culture. That is what Amy dreams of doing too.

    Amy uses social media to promote her deejay fitness persona. She’s already signed several endorsement contracts with many reputable brand names, including OMAX, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova. Depending on how many subscribers she acquires on social media, Amy may very well be on her way to achieving New York socialite status in a matter of years.