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Which Member Of LDub F12 Are You?

+ Eric

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  1. What is your catchphrase?

    Hooooooly shit
    Good talks!
    Pos to lene
    It's "M-A-ryland"
    Your dog is so cute!
  2. It's second dinner. What do you eat?

    Chicken Ramen Noodles
    Chicken Ramen Noodles
    Old bae
    Old bae
    Disgusting vegan bars
    Disgusting vegan bars
    It's never too late for Nespresso coffee
    It's never too late for Nespresso coffee
  3. It's midday. What are you doing?

    Playing league ("it's for professional reasons")
    Playing golf because golf is life
    I just went to sleep
    Watching youtube videos (again)
    Watching Narcos
    Drawing for my fans
    Doing math with some random friend in the room
  4. You are listening to music. What is it?

    This Girl - Kungs VS Cookin' on 3 Burners "THIS IS THE SHIT" *dabs*
    Hamilton "I'll get tickets someday...."
    K-Pop "Fuck I have a Korean test tomorrow"
    Billy Joel *dances to "Movin Out" routine*
    Closer - The Chainsmokers "Don't make me sing it, my voice is bad"
  5. How do you pronounce pecan?

  6. The suite is having a political argument. Who are you?

    Swears at everyone in Spanish and bring everything back to the conclusion that being a republican solves all your problems
    Uses examples of the idiot that is the Greek prime minister to prove a point
    Feels the Bern
    Uses STEM-based evidence to explain intangible and emotional scenarios, because STEM is the key to the future. also NASA.
    Is shocked at the things Eric says.
  7. It's 2AM. What is on your computer screen?

    Pictures from summer getaway (Mykonos!) with borderline nudes included
    League of legends, but cool people call it “league”
    Replays of your golf game from earlier in the week because you gotta turn that “fore” into “fire”
    The office because you need to think about Jim Halpert marrying you before you go to bed
    Facetiming a friend from back home
  8. What are your thoughts on Aquarii?

    They are the scum of the earth, almost as bad as Gemini, and I am NOT one of them!
    Thank god I'm a Pisces because that explains my creative and nonchalant YDN front page illustrations
    I don't really care
    Horoscopes are stupid, all you need is NASA
    I don't know much about Aquarii... I always forget. Vale help.
  9. How do you feel about love?

    It’s the heart that counts. Love is beautiful and kind.
    Love is the driving force for all human endeavours. I’m in love with love, which is why I’ve been in a relationship for more than 25% of my life.
    Love is great as long as it doesn’t involve someone who is a gemini. Also being prude is the way to go.
    Real love does not exist and feelings of love are fleeting, which is why arranged marriage is the most convenient solution.
    I disagree with Eric yet again.
  10. What is your ideal late night pastime?

    Throwing up on L-Dub courtyard
    Cleaning, organising, and making sure everything is in its place because your happiness depends on the suite’s cleanliness
    Doodling, drawing, you know…using your god-given, miraculous gift to make the world a better aesthetic
    Lying down on a hill and looking at the stars
    Skyping with your boyfriend till daylight
  11. Which meme are you?

    JIM <3
    JIM <3
    Everything is fine.
    Everything is fine.

Which Member Of LDub F12 Are You?

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You got: Julia
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You got: Andrea
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You got: Eric
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