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    These Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Country Star Sam Hunt As A Kid Are Adorable

    We got ahold of some never-before-seen photos of Sam as a kid, and oh did we learn some things.

    We introduced you to our new boyfriend Sam Hunt back in October of last year. The country heartthrob is now nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award, and we wanted to share a few things we've learned about him using these never-before-seen photos.

    1. Sam has always been a chick magnet.

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    That's him on the right!

    2. Babes have always had a thing for Sam.

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    Here he is with his two brothers. He's the oldest.

    3. Sam was never the rebound.

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    But he probably got a lot of rebounds as part of the Cedartown basketball team. (He's 6-foot-4, remember.)

    4. Sam has always had an incredible batting average.

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    Sam’s debut single "Leave the Night On” went No. 1 at country radio and has been certified platinum with more than 1 million sales. His second single, “Take Your Time” was just recently certified platinum and is nearing the No. 1 spot on country radio now.

    5. You don't need to find X to know Y Sam's the whole package.

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    Sam went to college for accounting, but left with a philosophy degree.

    6. Sam is royalty!

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    He was voted homecoming king in high school (surprise, surprise)!

    7. Sam has always been a stallion.

    Courtesy of the Hunt family

    Just a real thoroughbred, you know?

    The Academy of Country Music Awards air Sunday, April 19, 8 p.m. ET/7 CT on CBS. Good luck, Sam!