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Hear A Never Before Released Version Of The Rolling Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"

♫ I've been begging on my knees, I've been kickin', help me please! ♫

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It is, perhaps, one of the most recognizable guitar riffs of all time: Keith Richards' big, meaty chords on "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," off the Rolling Stones' classic album Sticky Fingers, kicks you in the gut.

The song was recorded at the height of the summer of 1970 at Olympic Studios in London, and features an open-G tuning from Keith who has said, "I just found the tuning and the riff and started to swing it and Charlie picked up on it just like that, and we're thinking, 'Hey, this is some groove.'"

"Started to swing it."

"Hey, this is some groove."

Who is cooler than Keef?

This alternate version of "Knocking" is an earlier take from the one that would ultimately appear on Sticky Fingers . You'll notice Keith's riff doesn't sound as full or flushed out as the one that ended up on wax.

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The classic extended ending of the song is quite a bit different too. Mick Taylor tells BuzzFeed Music via email that that famous ending "just happened by accident; that was never planned." He just felt like carrying on playing.

Reissues of Sticky Fingers will make their way to the public in early June in Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions, and will feature several previously-unreleased alternate takes of different tunes. Perfect for the completist in your life.

We're thrilled to premiere this previously-unreleased version of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" -- one of the greatest guitar songs ever -- exclusively on BuzzFeed Music today. Listen below.