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    These Indie Rockers Rescued An Abandoned Kitten While On Tour

    Meet DREAMERS and their furry friend Lil Trucker.

    This is Lil Trucker, she was recently rescued from a Texas gas station by the Brooklyn-based band DREAMERS.

    The indie rockers — whose current single is, ironically enough, titled "Wolves" — found her in the hood of a pick-up truck during an overnight stop between Houston and Dallas tour dates.

    “We were a little delirious from lack of sleep but we could swear we heard meowing coming from under the hood of a pickup truck,” lead singer Nick Wold told BuzzFeed Music in an email.

    When they asked a gas station employee about the cat sounds, Wold says she told the band that she knew their was a cat in the car but drove eight miles to work anyway because she couldn’t find the animal.

    While the group has been enjoying their time Lil Trucker, they're hoping to find their adorable mascot a forever home soon.