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    Everyone Needs To Hear This!!!

    real talk!

    Bullying is not ok!!!

    I know this isn't a quiz, but its time for real talk! We as people for some reason love to tear people down and criticize people without even knowing them. We love to put in our opinion about people by just looking at them, like if you see a person in public that you think isn't attractive you may think, "Oh she/ he is so ugly" but every one in every shape, skin color, every personality, every size, every height, and everyone is sooooo beautiful. We don't need to be too quick to judge. You also may bully yourself like constantly tear yourself down with negative thoughts. You are so much more than you realize, you don't need others opinions to validate you. If you ever see anyone bullying others or them selves, please please please stand up for them. A change will not be made in this world if we don't take a stand. People need to realize suicide is a real thing. Peoples opinions effect their everyday lives. There are many people who think they need to kill themselves because they want to escape the negativity around them. I am so disgusted by the people who think that type of stuff is okay...we need to build people up NOT tear them down. If we don't make a change then who will? You may be a victim of it, tell someone...I promise there will alllllwayyys be at least one person who will listen to you. This is a serious matter. I hope that when you read this, you realize that you are soooo much more than what you and others think of you. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!! You never know whats going on in peoples lives. they may be struggling with anxiety or depression, family issues or pressure, and then if you come along and say something negative that makes it 10x worse. Make sure to smile and be the light that they need. Bring nothing but positivity because for some people, thats all they need. If you are going through something whether its school or family related i'm hear to tell you, keep your head held high and don't drop your crown because you are a Queen/King. You may always have this thought in the back of your head that is telling you its not going to get better, but i PROMISE YOU IT WILL!!!! You are sooo much more than you are given credit for.