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Heres What I Learned Going To Parsons School Of Design

I grew up knowing my whole life that I wanted to go to Parsons School Of Design, and I wanted to be a fashion designer. I had the dream to one day see my name on a label inside a store. I thought that going to Parsons would land me my dream job in fashion. Boy was I completely wrong.

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I am now 23 years old, and I still don't have a job in fashion.

After graduating from Parsons in May 2016, I applied to several jobs, redone my resume 20 times, redid my portfolio multiple times, and still never heard back for any positions, or gotten past interviews.

Every job position in design or just in general wants 10 + years of experience.. even if you went to Parsons.

I spent 4 total years in Parsons learning how to please my teachers, I also learned how to pull all nighters for 7 days straight. I also learned that having a part time job or internship was utterly impossible if you wanted to stay sane. So to have experience in design while still having a passing grade in art school was just not possible.

I am now pretty much jobless and in debt with student loans..

I don't have parents that can help me, or even grandparents. I am now left alone to cry when I see all the money I owe to Parsons The New School For Design. Parsons is a private school, meaning that tuition is unbelievably high, and in order to pay for college I needed these loans. I am now broke, jobless, depressed and low key regret ever wanting to study at Parsons School of Design. I never thought I would be where I am today, like most graduates from Parsons unemployed.

What I learned most from studying at Parsons

I learned alot in my 4 years at Parsons. I know how to put together a presentation that is visually appealing in less than 2 hours. I know how to take criticism. I know how to run on 48 hours of no sleep and still look semi presentable. I know how to think fast and create a concept with in seconds. I know how to live off coffee. I know how to run in heels down a hall to make a presentation on time. I know how to smile when someone is directly criticizing my work and saying its horrible. I know how to live off of ramen and cheap wine. I know how to work with others even when they do not want to work with me. I know now that my degree in Fashion is pretty much useless, and I should have studied communication or graphic design. What I learned most after my 4 years at Parsons, and taking a full year off from design, is that I do not want to design clothes or even work in the fashion industry. I want to work in digital media or somewhere that I can be creative and connect with an audience digitally.

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