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How "Benjamin Steinberg" Are You?

Are you literally a meme?

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  1. Check all that apply:

    Clickity clack you're a Bio major
    Clickity clack because of that you have to take calculus
    Clickity clack you're not a huge fan of math
    Clickity clack but you have a great friend who helps you with calc
    Clickity clack twice a week
    Clickity clack cause she loves math
    Clickity clack you also do theatre
    Clickity clack and you usually play the villian
    Clickity clack you've been Audrey II
    Clickity clack Professor Callahan
    Clickity clack and Caldwell B. Cladwell
    Clickity clack and you played all of these at Brandeis
    Clickity clack because you're Jewish
    Clickity clack and from Long Island like half the school
    Clickity clack but you're not only talented at theatre
    Clickity clack you also do a cappella
    Clickity clack you actually music direct an a cappella group
    Clickity clack and you arrange music too
    Clickity clack and you have perfect pitch
    Clickity clack but you have other weird talents too
    Clickity clack like whistling with your mouth open
    Clickity clack and an ability to meme 25/7
    Clickity clack you're basically a meme
    Clickity clack and usually make people laugh with your ridiculous memes
    Clickity clack and most of the time they're laughing with you
    Clickity clack not at you
    Clickity clack and depite the fact that you are a walking talking meme
    Clickity clack your friends really appreciate you
    Clickity clack especially when you're in calculus classes ;)
    Clickity clack and you really liked the fact that there were so many "Clickity clacks" in this quiz
    Clickity clack but you wished they had rhymed
    Clickity clack because you know nothing beats the original version

How "Benjamin Steinberg" Are You?

Unfortunately you got into the sack. And now you're trapped there. Ben would never do something like that.

In the Sack
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You're not the villain in the musical, you play the hero. I mean you do theatre like Ben, but work on your evil laugh and try again next time!

The Hero
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You're kind of a meme, except no one's really talking about you. Sure you've been shared a few times on a friend's Facebook, but you haven't truly spread yet. Work harder before you can be truly recognized as a meme

Almost Viral
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OMG you went viral, people are talking about you, you're like famous. Congrats on making it to the status of "meme"

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