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8 YouTube Channels You'll Hate To Love

There's a lot of stupid content on YouTube but if you take the time to sift through (don't worry, I did that for you already) you'll realize that some of the videos are actually worth your time and some of the people are worth getting to know. Put the Netflix series you're currently binge watching on pause and take some time to explore these channels instead:

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1. Jenna Marbles

Who: Jenna Mourey


Known for: Jenna has three dogs, Marbles (her namesake), Kermit and Peach, and it's basically just as much their channel as it is hers. They are always either in the background or are subjects of the video. Jenna lives with her boyfriend Julien so when she's not making a solo video she can be seen with him doing trending challenges, humiliating each other, cooking, or making their weekly podcast. Although her content is generally not ground-breaking, her 16.7 million followers and many others, find it highly entertaining.

Mainstream Breakthrough: On October 26, 2015 Jenna became the first internet celebrity to have her own wax figure at a Madam Tussauds museum. Her figure can be found taking a selfie, so her fans and random people who inevitably see her figure but have no idea who is is can take pictures with her.

Fun Fact: Jenna received a Master of Education in Sports Psychology and Counseling from Boston University.

2. JoshSundquist

Who: Josh Sundquist


Known for: While Josh is a writer and motivational speaker by profession, he has been able to cultivate a following on YouTube for his openness about life as an amputee. He pokes fun at himself through titles like "I'm an amputee. What happens to my left shoes?" and "The Amputee Rap". He tells motivational and eye opening stories that make you never take both your legs for granted.

Mainstream Breakthrough: Josh has spoken all across the world, most notably at The White House and for many Fortune 500 companies.

Fun Fact: Disclaimer: this fact is by no means fun, but it just gives some insight into Josh's life. At age nine Josh was diagnosed with bone cancer and given a 50/50 shot at life. At age 13 he was declared cancer free but only after a year on chemotherapy and the amputation of his left leg.

3. Tori Kelly

Who: Tori Kelly


Known for: Tori Kelly who is now a grammy winning, chart topping, successful and well known artist, first started from the comfort of her bedroom making YouTube videos. What's notable about her channel is despite her now mainstreamed status as a celebrity, she still returns to her YouTube roots. She still posts acoustic covers of her own songs, mashups, collaborations with other YouTubers and vlogs about her life experiences in the industry. Tori Kelly is a testament to how powerful YouTube can as a platform.

Mainstream Breakthrough: Tori Kelly was nominated for Best New Artist at the 58th Grammy Awards

Fun Fact: Tori Kelly auditioned for American Idol when she was 16 but Simon Cowell called her voice "annoying" and called her look a "human orange". She didn't make it past the Hollywood round.

4. PsychoSoprano / Miranda Sings

Who: Colleen Ballinger (right) and Miranda Sings (left)


Colleen -

Miranda -

Known for: While Colleen has plenty of her own talent, she is best known for her other persona - Miranda Sings. Colleen created this character who has garnered quite a fan base of her own with over 7 million followers for her covers and tutorials and straight up ridiculously brash and childish personality. But if you're looking for content that's a bit more intellectually stimulating if you're not a 5-year-old, Colleen's channel is the place to go. She sings, she dances, but most notably she provides her own 4.7 million followers with a lot of behind the scenes insight into her tours, talk show appearances, and experiences as Miranda Sings.

Mainstream Breakthrough: Colleen (as Miranda, of course) has her own Netflix Original Series called Haters Back Off. It was just renewed for a second season.

Fun Fact: Colleen and Miranda go on tour "together" all over the world.

5. vlogbrothers

Who: John (right) and Hank (left) Green


Known for: Their entire channel is in vlog-style (video + blog = vlog, if you didn't know), highlighting their brotherly banter but more importantly their goal of creating ways to engage with their subscribers. Sometimes they post videos together but more often they post videos actually to each other, about the big concepts in life like pain and denial, but also about their individual pursuits outside of Youtube.

Mainstream Breakthrough: John is the author The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska and other books that have become huge hits. In comparison, Hank Green is mostly just the other brother.

Fun Fact: Together they founded VidCon, a yearly convention for creators, viewers, supporters and enablers to get together and celebrate online video.

6. Lizzie Velasquez

Who: Lizzie Velasquez


Known for: Lizzie Velasquez was once dubbed "World's Ugliest Woman" on a YouTube video than went viral. Instead of hiding away, Lizzie now uses YouTube to spread a positive message. If you aren't so into the typical YouTube content of vlogs and beauty hauls, scroll deeper through her videos to find motivational speeches, anti-bullying campaigns and information about the rare congenital disease that prevents her from keeping body fat a long with her other medical battles.

Mainstream Breakthrough: Lizzie has a documentary titled "A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story" that premiered at SXSW in 2015 and has since been played on Lifetime.

Fun Fact: Lizzie owes a lot of her strength to her strong catholic upbringing and hispanic heritage.

7. Lauren Elizabeth

Who: Lauren Elizabeth Luthringhausen


Known for: Lauren caters to the teens and twenty-somethings like herself with her videos about fashion, healthy eating, working out, anxiety, and just the thoughts that go through her head. Lauren chose to forgo a formal college education to move from Chicago to Los Angeles as a teenager to pursue her career as a YouTuber and it certainly has paid off. Her subscribers love her candor and witty remarks almost as much as they love her french bulldog, Stella.

Mainstream Breakthrough: Lauren co-starred in and co-produced a movie called "Bad Night" with her best friend and fellow YouTuber Jenn McAllister.

Fun Fact: Lauren's brother, Hudson, is also a YouTuber however he is nowhere near as popular as Lauren which she likes to remind him of. Check him out:

8. Tyler Oakley

Who: Matthew Tyler Oakley


Known for: Tyler Oakley has a strong and lively personality and a zest for life. He posts a variety of content including pop culture topics, videos with celebrities and internet challenges. But he is most well known for his openness about his sexuality and activism for LGBT and queer rights. He was one of the first YouTubers to make a "coming out" video, which influenced many people in real life who were still hiding in that closet to come out.

Mainstream Breakthrough: There is a spin off on The Ellen Show called "The Tyler Oakley Show" that happens every Monday night where Tyler spends time with some of the industry's biggest stars like Carrie Underwood, Zooey Deschanel, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, Seth Rogen and even Tim Kaine.

Fun Fact: Tyler Oakley was given the chance to meet and participate in a discussion with Barack Obama about YouTube as a platform to promote change.

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