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    18 Times Doggie Day Care Was The Happiest Place On Earth

    A room full of dogs, what more could you ask for?

    1. When these dogs played with bubbles and the world could enjoy watching them.

    2. When this pup's first day was a little overwhelming in the best of ways.

    3. Or when this baby's first day was SIMPLY AWESOME.

    4. When this woman tried to eat beef jerky in peace.

    5. And when this puppy's friends couldn't wait for him to join.

    6. When these two friends fell asleep during recess.

    7. And when this crew took nap time very seriously.

    8. When this fellow found a chair better than the ones provided by day care.

    9. When this dog loved day care so much he decided to go there on his own!

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    Find the story here!

    10. When it was Xena's birthday and she got a friggin' cool cake.

    11. When timeout wasn't really all that bad for these troublemakers.

    12. Or when timeout meant a bee costume and a mugshot for this bad boy.

    13. When it was story time at this doggie day care and everyone was a good listener.

    14. And when these puppers each had their own snazzy car-bed.

    15. When this day care crew had the most beautiful portrait.

    16. And when these spiffy dogs posed for the holiday spirit.

    17. When this motley crew went on their daily adventure.

    18. And finally, when this big guy looked after his new tiny friend!!

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