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    People Are Loving This Twitter Account That Matches You To Your Dog Self

    It's magical.

    There's a new, amazing Twitter account to put on your radar, dutifully named YouAreDogNow.

    This is BuzzFeed's own Julia Reinstein, discoverer of this glorious account.

    "FOLLOW me and send a pic of yourself or your squad, I make you dog," reads the Twitter bio.

    And it's as simple as that! People send in their pictures, and get matched with a dog.

    The accuracy is STRIKING.

    Not a detail is left out. It's an ART.

    And everyone is L O V I N G IT.

    I mean, who wouldn't?

    Honestly, the resemblances are amazing.

    Follow YouAreDogNow on Twitter for more truly impressive content, and tweet them your own selfie to be matched with a dog!

    And share your results with us in the comments!!!

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