21 Adorable Things You Need If Pigs Are Your Favorite

Think outside the piggy bank.

1. These dainty lil’ salt and pepper shakers.

Get them from Terrain.

2. This winged-pigs dress.

Get it from Dolls Kill.

3. These cozy slippers to warm up your little piggies when they’re not going to market.


Get them from NewChic.

4. Or these cuddly socks.

Get them here!

5. This adorably helpful dip bowl and spread knife.

Get it from Amazon.

6. Or perhaps this marvelous yarn bowl.

Find it here.

7. This itty bitty piggy booty.

Get it here!

8. Or this origami-inspired buddy.

Available here.

9. These hilarious “Crunching Pig” USB drives.


Get it from Otaku Mode.

10. This refreshing collagen treatment in the cutest container ever.

From Tony Moly at Urban Outfitters.

11. These incredibly necessary bag clips.

Available on Amazon.


Get them from Bramble Berry.


OK, let’s calm ourselves. Breathe. Get it here.

14. And this piggy mold set to accompany any non–pancake related baking needs.

Found here!

15. These incredibly cute panties!

Get them here!

16. And this perfect makeup pouch.

Get it here.

17. These precious humidifying oil diffusers!

Get them here.

18. These colorful ceramic planters.

Get them here!

19. This simply darling mug.

Get it here!

20. This dainty lil’ pillow.

Get it here!

21. And finally, this tiny treasure to keep with you always.

Get it here.

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