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The 16 Most WTF Animal Face Swaps

You can see them even when you close your eyes.

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5. No Stone Left Unturned

The artist behind this swap was meticulous in their evil-doing. The face on the shirt was not lost on them, and thus a work of pure abomination was born.

7. The Werewolf and His Smug-Ass Little Sidekick / Via

This werewolf doesn't hide that he is up to no good. And his sidekick strikes fear into the hearts of many....he's the kind of animal that smiles smugly even as he's banishing your soul into the dark abyss.


12. Zombie Little Red Riding Hood / Via

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood switched faces with a wolf and it caused a rift in the universe and everything fell into a pit of blackness where Little Red became a zombie overlord and the wolf that ate her Grandma became her BFF.


15. The Creation of A Gremlin

As jarring as this face swapping creation is...the other half was even more so and decided to run away and wait for the opportune moment to strike. Before you is a face that knows the terrors of just what awaits you.