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    These Cats Are So Fluffy They Don't Look Real

    Their names are Milk and Oreo, and they are PURE FLUFF.

    Meet Milk and Oreo, sisters who happen to be two of the fluffiest, cutest, cats on the planet.

    So blue-eyed and fluffy, in fact, THEY'VE GOT TO BE FAKE.

    Like, ARE YOU KIDDING???

    HOW. IS. THAT. A. CAT???

    Even the kitties themselves seem to struggle with their own reality of being.

    "I don't know, sis, sometimes it just seems like we are TOO fluffy."

    And if you're not already overwhelmed, here they are as baby kittens.

    You're perfect, Milk and Oreo. Never change. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    Follow Milk and Oreo on Instagram, here, for more overly fluffy cat content!

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